Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Heh! - prostate cancer examination edition


Courtesy of reader S. K., here's a Finnish advertisement encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer.  It's giggleworthy.

It's great to start the day with a smile.  There aren't too many to be had these days.

Thanks, S. K.  Much appreciated!



Dragon Lady said...

Always good to start the morning with a laugh. Thank you!

Armerding said...
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heresolong said...


Sorry about deleted comment. Stupid new Brave browser automatically signed me in from a different account.

Uncle Lar said...

Yep, mine got detected in 2009 and after due consideration I had them jerk that puppy out.
Been cancer free for eleven years now.
Laproscopic robotic surgery so the worst part was having a Foley catheter installed for two weeks while I healed.

Brad said...

I had a prostate exam by my doctor, who was a small guy. I'm a big guy. He probed and probed until he finally quipped, "Bass, you've got more but than I've got finger." I REALLY had to stifle a laugh.

Sherm said...

Getting checked is a walk in the park compared to the biopsy.

Of course, getting the Foley catheter caught by a stitch so it can't be removed also makes for an interesting show.

John T. Block said...

Bye the bye, the sponsor of the ad is a well-regarded dealer in militaria and surplus gear and clothing... check them out.