Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday morning music


Let's go down a music rabbit-hole this morning.  A few weeks ago, I came across this video titled "A dombra performance by Marzhan Kapsamat of Nursultan, Kazakhstan".  The dombra is a traditional Kazakh stringed instrument similar to a lute, played in guitar-like fashion.

Intrigued, I looked for more dombra music on YouTube.  I found this compendium of solo and accompanied performances.

Looking further, I came across this performance by The Orchestra of Kazakh Folk Instruments of Kazakh Conservatory, delivered in Shanghai, China in 2016.  It's quite something!

So, a chance encounter with an instrument and musical tradition with which I'm entirely unfamiliar has led to a new interest.  The Internet is great that way, isn't it?  A YouTube search reveals much more of it for your listening enjoyment.



BobF said...

The concert in Shanghai: Wow!! Beautiful costuming, and the height of the females' headdress creates an interesting visual as they move to their music.

I wonder if the pastels of the female "skirts" is status or personal choice.

I almost constantly saw horses galloping as the music played, and at ~41' that piece seemed almost a brief story of war/battle.

Would love to have had closed captioning as I assume the vocals were of traditional storytelling song and that would have been most interesting.

Thank you!!

TheAxe said...


Feral Ferret said...

The instrument has an amazing sound for only having two strings.


My wife is Kazakh. She was playing similar music the other day.

And you might like this: