Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wood art!


I found this image circulating on social media, particularly MeWe, this week.  Click the image for a larger view.

That's some spectacular talent there.  I don't have a creative eye for art or visual design at all, so I appreciate art all the more when it illustrates those talents well, as this carving does.

Kudos to the artist.



Old NFO said...

Oh, that is nicely done! And when it weathers in, it will be spectacular!

Aesop said...

For bonus points, bury it in a peat bog, dig it up in 50 years, and 500,000 jackholes will be convinced it's a petrified dragon, devoting whole websites (or the 50-years-from-now equivalent) and their entire waking lives to "proving" it so.

coyoteken48 said...

Yes, I agree it took a lot of skill to make that demon. But I'd a lot rather have seen a Mother Mary or an angel or an American Hero. But I guess they put their effort into what's most important to them and reflects their values. . ---ken

Howard Brewi said...

I wish I knew how to send a picture of the wood sculpture in front of the IGA store in Glennallen, Alaska. Several salmon leaping in several directions plus other critters!