Tuesday, December 6, 2022

There's a certain logic to it


Found in multiple locations on social media:

I think most veterans will understand the thought!  Bonus points if you can identify the machine gun and the cat symbol etched on the front of the receiver.



the tools said...

Doc T

MNW said...


1chota said...

PKM don't know about the cat.

BigCountryExpat said...

Serbian M84 PKM
Thanks Serbian War Criminal Aye?

Peter said...

Big Country Expat for the win!

Beans said...

No fair, seeing as BCE is an actual .mil trained armorer with deep connections in badthink stuffs.


Just wanted to sound butt-hurt, though I am not. Glad BCE could help us all out.

1chota said...

well, I whine, I did say PKM.

BigCountryExpat said...

Hey Beans need some cheese to go with the whine? ;P
Seriously tho, yeah I ackchully waited a bit before submitting to see if someone else came up w/it.
Thanks Peter!

Beans said...

I was channelling my inner liberal. Bleh. Next time I want to channel a liberal I'll use a shotgun or chainsaw.