Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Milei lays it on the line at Davos - and the elite sneer


Daniel Hannan analyzes Argentine president Javier Milei's presentation at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the audience's reactions.

While the WEF does not have a unified party line, delegates at its smugfest have a great deal in common. They like regulations, which are designed by and for people like them and which, though they are dressed up as being about consumer protection or greenery, end up keeping out the competition.

They approve of government task-forces and advisory agencies – indeed, they meet in Davos partly to lobby each other for jobs on such bodies. They love supranational institutions, and regard sovereignty as dangerous, atavistic and, worst of all, low-status. In short, they want a world run by sensible, educated, moderate sorts like themselves, with minimal interference from national electorates.

Milei spent 40 minutes telling them how, in theory and in practice, state intervention tends to make people poorer.

. . .

Because he dislikes state interference, Milei is dismissed as a loon. He is “radical” (New York Times), “extreme” (El País), “populist” (Le Monde), “far-Right” (BBC). Yet the classical liberalism he espouses is as undoctrinaire as any world-view can be ... People call Milei an ideologue, but he wants to have less control. His reforms, which have mobilised Argentina’s Peronist establishment against him, mainly involve politicians surrendering their privileges.

He wants to give up the power to set prices, incomes and rents; to end state ownership of commercial companies; to let sports tickets be resold; to allow foreign airlines to compete on Argentine routes; to scrap tariffs and export controls; to permit driverless cars; to cut taxes; to abolish the central bank.

. . .

I have spent time with Milei. He comes across in private as he does in public: clever, demotic, mercurial, driven, eccentric. I worry about his ability to withstand the Peronist backlash. But I have no doubt that, if he is allowed to implement his programme, he will reverse a century of decline in Argentina.

The fact that the guardians of correct opinion in Europe see him as beyond the pale tells you everything you need to know about why their countries are not doing better.

There's more at the link.

The old proverb tells us that "The best government is that which governs least".  That applies to national, regional and local governments, and also to the governing bodies of institutions such as universities, etc.  I think it's not coincidence that the most economically overstretched, vulnerable and corrupt state governments are also those with the biggest bureaucracies.  The biggest, most expensive education systems we are bloated with staff and rules and regulations, and spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on each of their students - but have growing failure rates and academic incompetence to show for it.  The return on investment simply isn't there.

A more recent example would be COVID-19.  How many billions of dollars have been spent on hurriedly developed "vaccines" that aren't vaccines at all, in the classical definition of a vaccine, and which not only don't work, but are medically proven to bring with them a vastly increased rate of injuries and illness among the vaccinated?  Notice who's still pushing the vaxxes?  It's the medical establishment, tied to the political establishment with bonds of money and influence and power.  The more government interferes, the greater the problems it causes;  and the more government-funded organizations interfere, the greater the power they funnel back into government's hands.

As for the real, urgent problems of the world that the WEF is supposedly addressing at Davos?  This headline caught my attention:

Oh, really?  This is supposed to solve the problems of the world - drinking (much) less coffee?

One wishes they'd listen to President Milei . . . but I suppose that's as likely as the WEF delegates giving up their own coffee for climate's sake.  It's us, the plebs of the world, whom they want to give up coffee.  We can't seriously expect them to do so!  They're important!  They need their coffee to help them decide how we need to be ruled today!



Francis Turner said...

A mildly contrary view of Davos from Walter Russell Mead - https://archive.md/IOVEh

Xoph said...

The evil is easy to see.
"How will we make people miserable in 2024?"
"People like coffee, so let's take that away."

And while this may seem minor to some, the point is evil knows no limits (must control everything) and also seeks every opportunity to erase happiness. Not to mention the number of jobs reliant on coffee as a product. There are also health benefits to coffee.

King Harve will start needing to grow his coffee in secret.

Rocketguy said...

2-3 cups of coffee per year?! I have at least that per day. This is non -negotiable.

Anonymous said...

The thing I detest the most of the current... situation? I don't know who or what to trust or believe anymore. So many of the people and institutions I thought were one way, have proven themselves opposite.
I don't even want to name any examples, as they are so numerous it would be exclusionary. Trump is/was our saviour, no he's not. Ramsawamadingdong, nope, he's WEF. Covid Vaxes are safe... haha! Milei's a saviour, nope, WEF communist in hiding. Did we land on the moon? What really happened in Hawaii? HAARP weather control? Aliens are real?

I don't trust nor believe ANYBODY nor ANYTHING anymore, even when I see it with my own two eyes. And that's the point of their exercise, I know, but they're just so damned good at it!

The one comfort, and it's hilarious because this is like the absolute WORST thing that could happen to the people that have caused us all this grief?

It's brought me a lot closer to God.

Anonymous said...

Notice the WEF never calls for reducing child rape or the amount of fuel used to get all the child sex workers to davos?


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why the covid disease bioweapon and the covid non-vaccination bioweapons were so non-lethal. Were these only wrangling tools, in the same way slaughterhouse entrances are made to not upset the cattle?

Tregonsee said...

Really WEF are you going to start parading around with white Angora cats like some ersatz Bond villain? I mean Victory Coffee/Tea for the Outer party and Proles while the Inner party gets the good stuff (and you KNOW they will) is straight out of 1984. They really are much like the quote by H.L Mencken about Puritanism that it is “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” except their fear seems to be that someone besides them will be happy.

Anonymous said...

James Howard Kunstler wrote a hilarious - and incisive - column on the WEF/Davos this past Friday (warning: bad word in URL): https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/the-goddess-of-the-wef/. "Ursula did offer us children-of-the-world one wee note of caution, though, as every good 'grammy' might give to the global kindergarten: watch out for misinformation and disinformation on the internet! Like the evil imps of the Germanic Märchen, these wicked forces lurk and propagate on the internet — waiting to dash all of the WEF’s benevolent plans for our utopian future."

Anonymous said...

My suspicion is that they were either badly bungled, like everything else they do, or their is a super cunning long term plan behind them.
I think the first is far more likely.

Anonymous said...

question ..... Are you ever going to finish the Maxwell Saga ?
Im gettin quite old.. I have major health issues.
And i would really like to see a finish of that series before i die.

Old Man who hopes the Author has not abandoned the series

Peter said...

@Anonymous at 9:54PM: I'm working on it. I have the same problems you do, and besides that, we've had a very disrupted year. I'll do my best to get the next one out as quickly as possible. My apologies for the delay.