Monday, January 22, 2024

The illegal alien migration corridor exposed


Muckraker has followed - and filmed - the entire illegal alien migration route from Ecuador to the southern border of the USA.  The site states on the video's YouTube page:

To our knowledge, no one has ever produced an entire documentary following this entire route.

Until now.

Our journey included:

  • Crossing the Darién Gap.
  • Discovering secret Chinese hotels.
  • Getting smuggled into Mexico by the Sinaloa Cartel.
  • Embedding with a massive caravan.
  • Riding the Mexican Train of Death.

And finally, getting kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel.

In this documentary, you will learn how the United Nations is planning and executing an industrial scale weaponized migration program and you will see the entire route that millions of illegal aliens are taking to the United States every year!

I highly recommend taking the time to watch this video.  It's a brutal, uncensored, unvarnished look at how millions of aliens are pouring across our borders, subsidized by our taxes, in a blatant, in-your-face effort to change the demographics of the United States and facilitate the permanent installation of a left-wing progressive government.

Remember in November . . .



Anonymous said...

If the Democrats aren't destroyed in November it will be direct proof of our elections being rigged. Everyone is angry about the border situation.

boron said...

who's paying for/providing the transportation?

Anonymous said...

The usual suspects.
In essence, the American taxpayers are funding our own execution.
The current regime and its' supporting administrative / deep state / police and intelligence agencies are misusing tax policies to reward donations to "non-profit" agencies / NGOs who pay to support the invaders, and to advertise and motivate for policies inimical to the interests of Americans.
More support comes from State Department as Foreign Aid to nations, peoples, and organizations which benefit from taking our stuff and dividing our people. The Democrat / globalist interests are coordinating in importing people who can be expected to act as they would in their home countries, see the example of Sweden, France, England, and Germany, to be triggered when an "unexpected crisis / emergency" is needed, likely in the near future.
The Davos crowd spends money on this, not from generosity, but in expectation of using that influence to control our government for their own benefit, profiting from policies and timing that benefits them at the expense of our people, as the assets of our middle classes are stripped by inflation, and the Weimar-like currency inflation in currency benefits the stock markets and the politically and generationally wealthy.
What is happening is not a coincidence.
John in Indy

1chota said...

Remember in November? You gotta be kidding. That vote MOAR is out the window.
They are just now in the open with their plans to keep power.
Vote if you want, but it ain't gonna change anything.

Anonymous said...

Just STFU and keep filling those red kettles.... for the children.

Greg said...

Without significant electoral reform to assure me that my vote will not be flipped by a crooked tabulating machine, I will not be giving TPTB a vote to flip.

Old NFO said...

Funny how the US media refuses to cover this...

Xoph said...

Greg, I disagree. You need to vote because it makes more work for the cheaters and should cause them to do crazy enough stuff to become readily apparent to the public at large.

Of course, given the last election I could be wrong.

Aesop said...

Remember all you want in November.

Unfortunately, your votes will be cancelled out by the importation of 10,000 illegal voters a day, for the previous 2 years.

Strategically dumped into 5-10 swing states, you've now been outvoted for life.

Enjoy The Decline.

This doesn't end until and unless the shooting starts.
And the second place award is a body bag.