Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Give her a medal!


Details have emerged of a Druze woman who helped capture five Hamas terrorists and aided Israeli forces to kill or capture more than a hundred others during the terrorist attack on October 7th.  In the process, she fooled another Hamas terrorist over the phone into revealing where his forces were entering Israel and where they planned to attack next.

I'm not going to steal her thunder by trying to summarize the story here.  Instead, click over to one or both of these links for the details:

A remarkable story.  I hope those in her community who lived through the attack have shown, and continue to show, their gratitude.  Now, how about giving her a medal for heroism?  It took tremendous guts to do what she did, in the face of certain (and probably very slow and very painful) death if she hadn't been able to convince the terrorists that she was on their side.



irontomflint said...

What a great article! It's nice to show good people standing up to evil for the betterment of everyone!

Old NFO said...

Great story! And she stood up to them!

HMS Defiant said...

As the terrorist hostage 'negotiations' go on I suspect that the Israelis are less and less inclined to take prisoners. It must royally suck to know for certain that as long as you lock up their terrorists they will still find endless volunteer terrorists to take more hostages to trade. It will be interesting to see if this time the very nature of the people changes and no, I don't expect the palestinians to change an iota.

Anonymous said...

I never believed in incarcerating hostage takers….. execute them, might give them a chance to be a martyr but no one else can do evil to “free them”