Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Work smarter, not harder


From XKCD.  Click the image for a larger view, and click here to go to the cartoon's Web page.

If you aren't reading XKCD regularly, you're missing out on a great comic strip.  It's updated two to three times every week.  Highly recommended.



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Peter said...

@Anonymous at 12:16PM: Yes, the author of XKCD is left-wing. That doesn't mean the comic isn't funny, well-informed and interesting. I don't have to vote with him to enjoy his sense of humor.

It's like the Foxes In Love cartoon. It's about a gay couple, and presumably the author is gay. However, it remains very amusing, and I enjoy it without having to participate in that lifestyle.

I can't prescribe to others what they should believe and/or how they should live. If I do that to others, they have the right to do the same to me. If I have freedoms, so do they - and they're as free to choose as I am. From a moral and religious perspective, if our choices are wrong, there may be consequences later - but we still have the right to make them.

Anonymous said...

SMBC is pretty awesome too.

The Whisky Priest said...

Certainly you're free to enjoy XKCD. And while his (?) politics don't bother me, the fact that he's a fan of cancel culture does.

As he says I'm happy to "show him the door."

Will said...

Read the comic for many years. However, back around the time Trump got elected, he went WAY overboard with his "orange man bad" attitude. I see no reason to give him attention clicks. He wanted to be in my face with his belief system, so I removed his bookmark. He made himself my enemy ON PURPOSE. I thought I bookmarked the one comic that made it clear, but I can't find it now. Drat.

Uncle Lar said...

Specific to the subject of the comic, forget lawn care, I'd offer a line of metal detectors at a 200% markup and make a killing.
As for the politics of an artist, while that will influence me to a degree, it still comes down to how their work speaks to me. That said, progressive socialism does tend to bleed into most everything they create, so valid point to consider.

Anonymous said...

The economic damage is funny, but the trespassing kids that got shot was hilarious!