Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday morning music


Courtesy of a link at Kim du Toit's place, I came across a documentary about super rock group Kansas titled "Miracles Out of Nowhere".  It tells the story of how they formed, and broke through to the top of the rock music world.  Being in Africa at the time, I hadn't paid much attention to them, and didn't hear much of their music, but on coming to America, that changed (as it did for me for several top American bands:  I realized how isolated from them I'd been, and set about hearing what I'd missed).

It's an interesting documentary, and I thought I'd re-post it here for our Sunday Morning Music get-together.  I hope you enjoy it.



F. Hubert said...

As a “rebel” growing up on a Kansas dairy farm in the 70’s, this band was my soundtrack of life. The John Stuart Curry painting of John Brown, is on the wall of the state capital opposite the door of the governor . It was not appreciated or celebrated when he painted it in the 30’s, but the band recognized for its brilliance.

Dave Melton said...

That was an awesome recommendation! It really takes me back. Thanks so much!!

John Wetherbie said...

Thanks for posting this. Brought back some memories.

sparkee said...

What a great band and a great group of guys! According to their web site, they're doing a 50th anniversary tour this year.