Monday, February 5, 2024

The not-so-religious charities betraying America's trust


From a recent tweet (click the image for a larger view):

The federal government pays huge sums to those charities (and others like them) to "help refugees".  It's a staggering amount.

According to Forbes, Catholic Charities USA was the 13th-largest U.S. charity last year. Of its total $4.7 billion in revenues, Catholic Charities received $1.4 billion from government support, compared with $1 billion in private donations and $2.2 billion in other income.  

In its 2021 financial statement, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service reported it received more than $93.1 million in U.S. government grants, and $23.2 million in church, foundation, corporate, and other contributions, making taxpayer-funded grants more than 80% of its total support. In fiscal year 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services alone issued the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service a whopping $182.6 million in grants for unaccompanied alien children and refugee services.

According to its 2022 financial report, out of Church World Service’s $51.1 million in assets, more than $20.5 million came in the form of grant funds, and only $511,000 were from contributions. The New York City-based entity is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code, so it pays no federal income taxes, but it spent more than $3.7 million in advocacy and receives more than 40% of its assets from taxpayer-funded grants.

In 2021, HIAS (originally the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) reports it received more than $40.9 million in grants from the departments of Health and Human Services, State, and Homeland Security, compared with $46 million in contributions.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services lists 10 federal grants for migration and refugee services on its website, including eight from HHS (to provide services for newly arrived refugees; strengthen refugee marriage and families; unaccompanied alien children placement and reunification in the U.S.; a joint grant with Catholic Charities USA to provide training and assistance regarding human trafficking; a joint grant with the Lutheran group to address needs of refugee youth, children, and families, which was later supplemented to find homes for trafficked children; and another to provide services to adult trafficking victims); one State Department grant (resettlement services to newly arriving refugees); and one DHS grant (to process, receive, and place Cuban and Haitian parolees).

There's more at the link.

Michael Yon adds:

Catholic Charities is EVERYWHERE over the border in Texas. Hiring fascist thugs in uniform, both private security and corrupt cops, to protect their human trafficking operation in the Rio Grande Valley. HIAS is EVERYWHERE in Panama building invasion camps for the US with Secretary Mayorkas, a former board member along with Sergey Brin (Google’s Father) putting massive political and informational power behind them.

. . .

And you paid for it. You turned a blind eye because you didn’t want to be called “Anti Catholic” or “Anti Semitic”. But the organizations themselves, BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS, are Anti Semitic and Anti Catholic. At least the Catholics that are not the believers in Liberation Theology, embraced by the Jesuits and ensconced by the potentially heretical Pope Francis. The Jewish Orthodox voices that are screaming to protect the borders are drowned out by the same Zionists that want to drown out Orthodox Judaism both in America and in Israel.

So if the evil that masks as Christian and Jew can align for evil, what is stopping the good, and practicing Christians and Jews from doing the same?

. . .

Remember, fighting “H”IAS actually supports Orthodox Jews.

Fighting “Catholic” Charities supports traditional Catholics.

Marxism LOVES the Rape of the Mind techniques designed to confuse you.

Don’t be fooled. Develop your “David Eyes” and stand up to the Goliaths.

Again, more at the link, including supporting information.  It's worth your time.

That's why I haven't donated to Catholic Charities, or any other "charity" involved in "helping refugees" or similar shenanigans, for a long, long time.  I saw this back in the late 1990's, albeit in a minor form.  It's only gotten worse since then.  So, if your church passes the collection plate to raise funds for any of these agencies . . . you know what to do.



Steve Sky said...

You can tie the Lutheran "charity" with your Minneapolis post from a few days ago, for they are the group who has been importing Somalis for *decades*. As a kid, I asked my parents why they were picking Minneapolis, instead of picking Arizona or New Mexico as being a lot closer to the climate they would have been used to, but didn't get a satisfactory answer.

Old NFO said...

As noted, they have been hiding behind the 'cloak' of religion for years while they do the dirty work .gov can't...

Mikey said...

Enabling illegal immigration deliberatley exposes children to human trafficing. It is no no way shape or form charitable. I've always beleived that commiting this kind of attrocity in the name of religion is what the 3rd commandment is all about. Taking the name of the Lord "in vain" or towards your own purpose is an abomination.

J. C. Salomon said...

Michael Yon mischaracterizes Jewish groups so badly, it’s hard to take his analysis seriously. (See also Gell-Mann amnesia.) He makes a spurious distinction between Zionists and Orthodox Jews, when about 90%–95% of Orthodox Jews are Zionists. (I myself fall in the 5% where “it depends on how you define ‘Zionist’ ”.) Then, among non-Orthodox Jews, the likelihood someone supports the redirected goals of HIAS (versus the organization’s historical efforts) is almost the inverse of that person’s being a Zionist.

Peteforester said...

I didn't turn a blind eye to this. The bishop in my diocese OPENLY STATED that he was taking money from "the collection plate" and handing it to illegals for transport, housing, medication, and the like. I wrote a letter to him saying I wouldn't put ONE MORE PENNY in the "collection plate" as long as he was doing this. His reply "God bless you too." In other words, "FU." Soon afterward, a nun got up in front of the congregation and said we should embrace these "immigrants." Soon after that, the Catholic church kowtowed to the government in the COVID lockdowns, even though the local CASINO was still open for business. I haven't been to church since... The Catholic church is off the rails...

Dave said...

Been going on since at least 2016 and the United Nations has a big involvement.
Here is a list of approved NGOs and CSOs (Civil Service Orgs) for the care and feeding of "refugees" - 200+ entities

They are directly funded by the governments.
A veneer of plausible deniability.

Dad29 said...

It's not hard to conclude that Catholic Charities is a proximate mediate material cooperator--meaning that C.C.'s activity "leads to, and is necessary for, the sinful act (human trafficking) to occur. Providing food, transport, housing (etc.) is not "trafficking" but it makes it possible.

Jess said...

Supposedly, such activities will remove tax exempt status, which it should. That, and regardless of their position in a church, they should be prosecuted if their activities are, or contribute, to criminal actions; and that includes treason.

Paul M said...

Gee, whatever happened to the "vow of poverty"? Not that pastors or Priest shouldn't have a decent roof over their heads and food on the table...but to gain such wealth was never the idea.

God will have the last comment on their ungodly "work", torturing Scripture to justify their largess under the guise of "helping those less fortunate". Total bunk!

Celia Hayes said...

I do wonder if I wasn't there, when the government-paid refugee racket started.
I was a volunteer with our local church, to sponsor several families of Vietnamese refugees in 1975. There were, IIRC six or seven volunteer bodies helming the effort, Lutheran Social Services, a Catholic refugee aid org, and a couple of others. The Vietnamese had to sign up to be sponsored by one or the other, and then be dispersed to communities where volunteer committees would take care of finding (and paying for!) housing, school for the kids, jobs for the adults - and all the things which people who had escaped with what little they could carry would need to set up a new life. Congress, in it's infinite wisdom had coughed up money to assist each of these orgs: $250 per head. LSS used those funds to cover the various overheads that they had taken on with resettling the Vietnamese, but some of the other orgs just directly passed on the $250 on to their sponsorees, as a nest egg to help them get started.
I remember the figure precisely because one of the families that we had sponsored insisted that as a family of 4, we owed him $2,000, and no matter how many times we explained the situation to him, he insisted that it was due to him. (He was a corrupt, conniving little tick. He finally chose to be sponsored by another group and we washed our hands of him. The other families we sponsored were lovely, hardworking people, and adapted very well.)
I wonder if the money dedicated towards refugee resettlement hasn't corrupted the hell out of the various church social services. When I worked on resettlement in 1975, it was all down to the local church and organization, raising donations directly for the immediate needs. We were directly and personally involved as volunteers with helping our refugees adapt. It doesn't look like this is the case any more.