Friday, February 9, 2024

True dat


Found on social media:

True dat.



boron said...

I'm colorblind, but:
would anyone try a correlation between (and I'm ashamed to say it; I truly am) counties with high murder rates and race; I don't believe it's nature: I think it may be nurture.

Rick T said...

As much culture as anything else, the Chavs in Britain show many of the same pathologies according to Theodore Dalrymple.

Adding the utter lack of meaningful legal consequences in those jurisdictions means bad behaviors get worse, what might have been a fist fight is now a running gun battle.

Aesop said...

"That's Raaaaciiiiiiiissssssssssss!"

The man been keepin' them down!

dontbugme said...

IDK, this looks to me like one more example of a geographic heat map for "x" being not much different from a map of population density; as mocked in

Zaphod said...

Oh FFS. This endless avoiding the issue is All So Tiresome as the Chinamen said about the Africans.

80/20. Pareto. The 'Scholars' are the number one cause of violent crime in the USA. There's clearly a genetic component and anyone denying genetic impact upon criminality, cognitive performance, other personality traits, etc. is either a plain moron, a Civnat Boomercon Moron, or a member of the Chosen who is terrified of these questions getting out into public discourse.

There's a huge White Trash problem too, of course. But separate from or eliminate Black criminality and the difference would be (sic) Night and Day. Then take out the White Trash.

Realistically the best solution for the USA at this stage would be some kind of Ottoman style Milet dispensation. Make each racial group collectively responsible for its behaviour and enforcing compliance by its undesirables. Put Whitey in charge, this time of course.

Anonymous said...

That culture is downstream from the real problem. Evil is the problem and it is known by many names. Democrat is at the top of the list. How else can someone describe the incessant purge of civility and morality in every place they rule?