Friday, February 2, 2024

What's driving the illegal alien surge into the USA


Many experts, including Michael Yon (whom we've met on this blog more than once), have argued that the illegal alien surge over our southern border is not accidental, but deliberate:  planned, organized and financed by anti-American forces.

Now Tucker Carlson interviews Bret Weinstein, and they lay out precisely what's going on - and who's behind it.  If this isn't an act of war, it's the next best thing to it, IMHO.  You truly need to watch this interview, and listen, and learn.

That's what's pouring into our country, night and day, 24/7/365 - and the Biden administration is not only allowing it, it's encouraging it and paying for it by subsidizing both the migrants and the United Nations and other bodies that are aiding and abetting their journey to this country.

We're subsidizing our own defeat, our destruction as a society and a constitutional republic - and time to stop it is running out.



Chris Nelson said...

This is a real world test of the 2nd Amendment. It failed.

Basically the world elite have imported an army of locusts into the US. Any large scale response will trigger a national and international reaction.

I personally doubt that any meaningful response will occur in time to save much or any of the Republic.

Cue Carole King:

BillB said...

I didn't watch the video. My take is that the whole point of the sponsored illegal alien invasion is to destroy the Constitutional United States of America and replace it with an essentially feudal system run by the "Elite" of the WEF, UN and very rich of the world. They are purposefully destroying the economy. They talk incessantly of 15 minute, hive cities and energy mandates which will restrict the "serfs". They have even floated, killing off 85% of the world population. And the illegal alien invasion is to replace the population with good, compliant "serfs".

Dan said...

Why are the illegals flocking here? Simple. They are getting PAID to welfare and other cash and prizes. Shut down the gravy train and they will stop coming...and starts leaving.

Charlie said...

catholic charities is one of the big offenders
and red cross

streamfortyseven said...

It kind of looks like colonization by Communist Chinese, to me. And the “Democratic” and “Republican” Parties both facilitate this, the latter covering for the former’s bad acts. Trump has promised to deport these people back across the border, and to seal it against incursion - while Bai-den does nothing - and his CBP helps them to come across. That’s a clear choice for anyone opposed to the colonization and eventual control of the US by the Han Chinese, the most racist people on the face of the earth, who are content to live under brutal dictators, since they have no tradition of anything approaching democracy or republicanism. And both of the Democratic and Republican Establishments are giving not only comfort, but active aid - money, food, housing, medical care, transport - to these people invading the US on behalf of a hostile foreign power. Want some evidence? See the following:

Anonymous said...

They will be given citizenship, you watch.
As we have seen, The Constitution or any other law means nothing to these people.

Anonymous said...

There will be a 2nd test of the 2nd, coming soon.