Saturday, February 24, 2024

Saturday Snippet: A change of pace


Normally I post an excerpt from a book on these regular Saturday Snippets.  However, this week I was pleased to discover an old British comedy movie titled "Mr. Drake's Duck", released in 1951.  The plot centers around a duck that lays radioactive eggs - and that's just the start of the fun.  It stars Douglas Fairbanks Jr. along with several British movie stars of the day.  I found it charmingly old-school:  funny without being crude, sending up science and the military of the day with barbarous impartiality, and reminding me of the days when innocent fun really was innocent.

Therefore, instead of a book excerpt, here's a movie.  Enjoy!

If you like this sort of thing, I may put up a link to an old movie of this kind once a month or so.  Let me know in Comments.



John in Philly said...

I watched a few moments and it looks interesting.
I noticed Jon Pertwee in the credits an recognized him as one of the early Doctor Who characters.
Thanks for the heads up!

STxAR said...

I watch old black and white movies on the 'tube and It is a rare one that doesn't completely outrank the slop that passes for a movie these days. So many film noir movies.... such treasure. And the early TV shows, Col. Marsh of Scotland Yard, Naked City, Mr. Lucky, The Third Man, Peter Gunn.... It's amazing. And most are good morality plays. Not the amoral morass of current society.

Post away!!!!

boron said...


Anonymous said...

This got me thinking of old movies and I discovered that "The Mouse That Roared" is available on Utube

Anonymous said...

I love old movies. Try "Passport to Pimlico", a comedy about how Brits prefer socialism to freedom. British comedy is strange.