Friday, February 23, 2024

So who's running the country? Not this man...


The Daily Mail in the UK has published a devastating leak about President Biden's daily routine.  We've said here before that he's clearly, visibly not competent to run his own life, let alone the country.  If this report is correct, that's not half of it.

The president is not at his Oval Office desk until at 10am and usually leaves at 7pm – Obama, by comparison, began an hour earlier.

Aides schedule most of his public events between 10am and 4pm because, White House insiders say, 'that is when he is at his sharpest.'

His news conferences are heavily limited, and he has clocked just half the number of them compared to Obama. He is often late to them, by up to an hour – aides refer to this tardiness as 'Biden Time'. Follow-up questions are heavily limited in case disaster strikes, as it did recently when he got the Egyptian premier's name wrong.

The fear of him tripping has consumed his aides and forced the Secret Service to put an extra agent at the bottom of the small Air Force One stairs, in case he repeats one of his calamitous stumbles.

To mitigate that risk, the commander-in-chief also tends to opt for slip-resistant sneakers rather than dress shoes that would usually go with a $2,000 custom Italian suit he pairs with.

These insights into the working day and life of the frail 81-year-old lend a new significance to the fundamental question facing voters - and the world: Does Biden have the mental acuity and physical energy to serve another term in the White House?

. . . has interviewed West Wing aides and experts to delve into how Biden's staff make sure the frailties that could do further damage to his 2024 campaign aren't exposed – and what they reveal tell their own compelling story.

There's more at the link.  Go read the whole thing.  It's important.

There's enough detail in the report that it should be easy enough to verify it . . . provided that the team managing and - dare I say it? - controlling President Biden would allow that.  They won't, of course.  They've been engaged in nothing less than elder abuse with him for years now.  His condition has been visibly and obviously deteriorating right throughout that time, and they've kept right on doing it.  They don't seem to care about him at all - only about holding on to the power he represents.

I used to think that the situation with President Biden was analogous to the treatment of President Wilson by his wife and staff following the latter's stroke in 1919.  Sadly, I think it's a lot worse than that today.  It's gone on longer, it's far more blatant, and it's clear that President Biden doesn't understand how he's being used, manipulated and exploited.

How any American with a conscience can stand for this is beyond me - but then, conscience is out of fashion these days.  Instead, we have gushing praise and support for President Biden from the left-wing progressive side of national politics.  Try these headlines:

That last link is particularly sickening in its sycophancy.  Try this paragraph:

I’m a little more bullish than most about living in a gerontocracy, especially in this era of diminishing attention spans. It makes sense to view the accumulation of experience and wisdom that often comes with time as desirable attributes in a president, someone whose ability to cut through noise and ignore distractions must be unmatched. Environmental activist Bill McKibben actually says that on one issue in particular, climate change, age may be Biden’s “superpower.”

Compare that highlighted sentence with the Daily Mail's report, and what we see of the President on our television screens every day.  Just watch this TV news report about an event held at the White House last year, with President Obama celebrating the anniversary of his health care reform.

Watching President Biden's demeanor and behavior in that footage, I think it does far more to confirm the Daily Mail's story than deny it.  It seems we may be living in a country whose nominally elected leader appears to be neither elected (without cheating, that is) nor a leader.

That's one of my reasons for hoping President Trump doesn't run for re-election:  his age.  Sure, at present he appears to be fully in control of himself (well, to the extent that he can be - his off-the-cuff remarks still make me cringe sometimes), but that can't be guaranteed to continue.  Age-related incapacity catches up to all of us, some earlier, some later.  I'd much rather see a younger person elected to the Presidency, to minimize that risk.  The job of President is too important to risk age-related degeneration in its holder, particularly when those around the Oval Office, and politicians in Congress and the Senate, can't be trusted to act for the good of the country if that happens.  (Acting for the good of their party and themselves is, sadly, another matter.)



Jen said...

Agree. I'm afraid with age, his 'off-the-cuff' moments will get worse. And you can count on the leftist press to pounce on every syllable.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Communist E Europe, my son says that this is my Communism PTSD kickin': what the Dems are doing (pretending that everything is great, propaganda, show-trials, sham elections) is EXACTLY what those bastards were doing. And Biden is like Orwell's 1984 Big Brother: it's a symbol, no one knows for sure if still alive or not but UniParty keeps the idea of the one leader well-meaning and all-caring of everyone.
I expect that Dems will continue to be vile to the extreme: force Nov elections as well and continue with raping America. Death by a thousand cuts. And it's not that they plan it, no. It's just because DNC is composed from two factions: rabid woke idealists (neoMarxists/eco-Marxists) and leaning leftist corrupt Mafia. Both these types know nothing about ethics, virtue, hard-work, knowledge, perseverance.
It will get really bad, Mad Max bad... :(

Anonymous said...

Who has been running the country for the last three years is the core question.
Not Biden
Many think Obama, but he seems to be as much of a puppet as Biden. (Articulate, but empty suit, appears from nowhere in 2005)
Clinton camp is internal opposition to Obama not them either.
Who do foreign leaders really deal with? Who really has control of the Military? Who is directing US foreign policy? Who is really directing US domestic policy? Are they even the same interests?

Anonymous said...

Given the only other republican candidate is nikki the dem, i hope trump stays in the running


JG said...

In 2020 I saw how Biden was in the debates with Trump and the MSM including Fox shielded Biden. I also saw Biden with groups of people and it was not many and it was staged. Biden was clearly not mentally there from what I saw before the election.

I believe Obama and his people are running Biden's Admin. I expect at the DNC Convention that they will remove Biden and insert Michelle as Biden is too far gone. Michelle is one more time that Barack can run things from behind and if Michelle is elected there would be nothing different from Jan 1. 2024.

Anonymous said...

According to the Deagle List, US population in 2025 is supposed to less than 60 million.

So the plan by the TLAs is on track. They put Obama in place, they are running the country.

Jess said...

Trump is boisterous, and his age can be a concern, but he didn't make it so far in business by running the show completely. He's had good resources in people, now knows D.C. better than ever before, and will not play politics to satisfy the D.C. crowd in picking his cabinet. The gauntlet was thrown, he has enough backing, and it's time to let the hair fly with the hide. A shrewd Attorney General, without qualms of who is insulted, can use their power to keep the animals in control. That will allow the honest to do honest things, and the dishonest to hide in fear of prosecution.

At this time, there is no other person that has so much of the nation backing them. Any other candidate will not be trusted, people will hunker down for what they see as persecution for their beliefs, and the result will be armed civil war.

Anonymous said...

Also, look at the earlobes in your pic, then compare to a pic of him when he was younger/in Senate. Earlobes do not change (although they do get bigger).

Body double. Rumors abound that the 'real' JB is long dead.


D.A. Brock said...

A common theme on Instapundit is a comparison to the Star Trek - TOS episode ‘Patterns of Force’. Usually with the commenter asking “If Biden is our John Gill, then who is our Deputy Führer Melakon?”

Will said...

"At this time, there is no other person that has so much of the nation backing them. Any other candidate will not be trusted, people will hunker down for what they see as persecution for their beliefs, and the result will be armed civil war."


Trump MAY be able to stop the progression, or even turn things around. No other visible person at this time can accomplish it. Frankly, it's a forlorn hope, but still...

Javahead said...

He wasn't competent for public office - any public office from dogcatcher on u p - when he was 'elected'. And he's slipped considerably lower over the last few years.

Javahead said...

But at this point the choice isn't "some other, younger, Republican" vs Biden-or-whoever-they-sub-in-at-the-last-minute.

The choice is Trump or, well, nobody. For better or worse, Trump's a known commodity. And a lot of people who feel he was cheated out of office in 2020 are willing to go the extra mile to vote for him. And he's sucked all the air out of the room for anyone else.

Right now, if something happened to Trump, about the only possible replacement I can see for him is DeSantis, or - maybe - Scott. Haley has nuked her credibility with the bulk of the party. In 2016, I voted for Cruz in the primaries, and would vote for him in the general election if he was the Republican candidate, but I don't think that at this late date he could build the momentum needed to overcome the Dem's margin of cheating.

I'm not certain anyone can, frankly - they aren't even trying to hide the cheating anymore. If Trump can, somehow, pull out a victory and implement the needed housecleaning in DC things may be less dire, but given the current situation I think despite any flaws he may have Trump is our best chance at avoiding another possible Civil War. And no, I don't think it's impossible, though I wish I did.

Anonymous said...

I know you're a Christian pastor and shouldn't wish ill on anyone but I believe Biden sold his soul to the devil long, long ago; the man is evil, has been evil, and will be evil until Satan hauls him off to hell where he belongs. Unfortunately, the nation - what's left of it - will have to pay the price. Which maybe we collectively deserve.

Or maybe, just maybe, DJT is our saviour on earth and our only chance lies with him (and Him above)

Dan said...

Anyone paying attention already knows that Pedo Joe is a walking stuffed shirt with a barely functional brain stem...and NO function in the frontal cortex on most days.

Mikey said...

I have 2 thoughts: 1-The people arround Biden and all the people that supposedly voted for him are commiting elder abuse. 2-Even before Biden was senile he was a lying, plagarizing, corrupt career criminal grifter who didn't belong anywhere but in a federal prison much less in the Senate or the White House. I'd like to call Biden a Communist but he doesn't rise to level of having a belief system. Biden was all of those things before Donald Trump even entered politics so any responses comparing him to Trump are moot. A Biden Presidency isn't even wrong, it's just insane. I know I'm preaching to the choir in this forum but I appreciate the chance to vent a little. End of Rant.

Anonymous said...

My opinion the dems hold the white house. My other opinion is the dems will impliment electronic "money" with a social or "Green" credit score. My third opinion is that people will not like that and in 4+ years will elect someone who will end electronic money and the social or "green" credit score.

Anonymous said...

Notice they didn't compare biden recess with Trump's work schedule.