Friday, February 2, 2024

People have to be told this???


I'm a bit mind-boggled that Metro Transit in Minneapolis found it necessary to post on social media unusually detailed instructions about what is, and is not, acceptable and/or legal behavior by its customers.  For example:

One fare = one seat.  Your bag belongs on your lap, not taking up the seat next to you.

Interfering with the operator / movement of vehicle.  Do not bother the operator or hold up vehicles. They're trying to get you to your destination safely and on time. This includes holding doors open on trains.

Vandalizing / littering.  Respect your bus stop, station, bus, or train by putting your garbage in appropriate containers. Vandals who are caught damaging transit property can be arrested. 

Threatening / spitting on others.  This applies to your behavior with transit personnel as well as with fellow riders.

Pooping or peeing.  Transit property is not a public restroom. 

Sexual assault.  Sexual contact without consent is forbidden.

Flammable or other hazardous items.  Metro Transit prohibits flammable, explosive, radioactive, and hazardous items onboard. This includes gas-powered scooters, car or motorcycle batteries, and gasoline/fuel containers.

There are more rules at the link.

What sort of society do we live in (or, rather, do they live in up in Minneapolis) that it's even necessary to post these rules?  When I was growing up, I was expected to use public transport (buses and commuter trains) without supervision as soon as I reached the equivalent of Grade 6.  So was almost every other kid I knew.  Nobody had to teach us rules like that, because our parents had already done so (and many more) in unmistakeable and thoroughly enforced ways.  If I'd been stupid enough to poop or pee on public transit (except in medical emergency, of course), I'd have got a hefty clip over the ear from the conductor, probably a few more from fellow passengers, and an almighty beating from my father as soon as he learned about it!  And as for "sexual contact without consent" . . . that would have landed me in jail, then in juvenile court, right smartly - that is, if I'd survived my parents' punishment for daring to even think about such a thing!  (We also didn't have to worry about running into such behavior from others while using public transport.  They'd have received an immediate "educational beatdown" from most other adults in sight if they'd tried!)

When I read that list, I could only, very humbly and sincerely, thank God that I don't live in a place where such rules of conduct have to be spelled out.  Such expectations certainly would not have to be spelled out here, because many of those living in my area would take immediate and strong action if they saw anyone violating such strictures.  Enforcement authorities would be needed only to clean up the mess!  We're fortunate enough, in this part of the world, to live in a frequently self-correcting society.  That's one of the reasons I like it here.



Steve Sky said...

Minneapolis has for decades imported Somalis and they are discovering that there is no Magic Dirt that, once the immigrant arrives, magically transforms the immigrant into an American with American morals & behaviors. The thing about importing large groups is the larger the group, the more the group will maintain the identity of, and allegiance to, the home country.
Little Italy, Little China, the Barrio, etc are common examples that have existed so long, their identity has been absorbed into our language. The point is that the Somalis are behaving in Minneapolis exactly as they have behaved back in Somali, and the social media post is an attempt to try and get them to change their behavior to American standards. Short answer: it won't.

The scary part is I read a couple of days ago that Representative Iihan Omar have a speech where she said, "She would put Somali first, ahead of the US". She is now saying that her remarks were taken out of context, but that sounds like an attempt to spin it. The larger question is, how can our country survive if the representatives owe their allegiance to a foreign country?

Anonymous said...

I’m confused. So sexual contact IS allowed if consent is present?? Asking for a friend…..

Anonymous said...

"Forget it, Jake. It's Minneapolis."

Bailey said...

Undoubtedly brought to you by the same people who came up with the handprints showing the maximum number of items for the express checkout lane at that Walmart...
Bunch of animals.

McChuck said...

African Muslims. 'Nuff said.

Amahl_Shukup said...

Minneapolis, you say? What would be the reason for posting such rules, you ask?

I would suspect that it's because there is a VERY LARGE continent of people there who grew up in countries where such behavior is the norm. To be blunt, Street S*#ters is one of the kinder labels. People who see Westerners as fair game to assault, rob, kill, and/or push in front of trains. Just my humble opinion, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis has been called Murderopolis (or some variation thereof) for some time now. It's a lib run fantasy world brought to life, and their failings are now on full display. It's a bit like Sweden - bring in all these dubious immigrants to show how open-minded and wonderful we are. And they still haven't appeared to connect cause and effect.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter,

They have a huge "Skinny" A.K.A Somali immigrant influx there and they bring their 3rd world habits with them.

Chris Nelson said...

Import the turd-world, end up like the turd-world. There's no such thing as magic dirt to civilize the primitives from low trust societies...

I recall working in a semiconductor test facility in the '90s where the packaged die was ran through the handlers and tester by a number of unskilled and semi-skilled labor from Southeast Asia. There were multiple signs in the restrooms on how to use a toilet, wash hands and not to do laundry in the sinks. Also no fish heads should be cooked in the microwaves...

I saw a interview yesterday with some of the more recent refugees explain why it's ok to rape women. To them, screaming meant the woman was enjoying it.

This is not going to end well.

heresolong said...

They don't have to be spelled out. Everyone knows them. The problem is people who don't care. Probably because they are drug addicts or mentally ill. And they won't read or obey the "rules" anyway because there are no penalties. The transit system is sending a message to normal people that they are "doing something about the problem". Never mind that the correct response would be to lock up people who do those things. Our society has a screaming meltdown at the first sign that the police are maintaining society for the benefit of the normal law abiding citizens, rather than for the benefit of the mentally ill and drug addicted.

Randomatos said...

The dirt isn't magic. Import Somalia, become Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Crossing a line (or a river) does not magically transform Third World barbarians into First World citizens.

The rules you spoke of are learned in childhood in the First World.

In the Third World, not so much.

SiGraybeard said...

As for "Sexual contact without consent is forbidden." I would say that with consent it's not assault.

Sexual contact shouldn't be engaged in while in public transit when it's not assault, and assault shouldn't be engaged in no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Its Minneapolis
Obummer flooded them with Somalians -- people whose definition of "public transportation" was a large goat or a docile cow

So what did you expect them to do on a modern bus or
subway ???

Anonymous said...

I am curious as to when the described problems started showing up. While standards in the U.S. have been on the decline, I suspect much of the behaviour described didn't occur prior to the importation of the third world.

Mind your own business said...

I think they destroyed Minneapolis society when they flooded the place with Somali refugees. I'm surprised the list isn't longer.

Anonymous said...

That area is rife with uassimilated Somali immigrants and their descendants, who are turning it into the Third World. I am glad I visited the Mall if America before this became a problem.

boron said...

TPTB wo've posted similar instructions in NYC, except:
1. too few of the inhabitants are able to rad
2. there isn't enough space on the station billboards to post these instructions in every language imaginable that might be spoken there

bultaco1495 said...

I am beginning to date a woman who came to the U.S. from China. One of her first activities here was to visit the downtown area of our city. She was very frightened by the experience. She asked me, "Why does your government allow beggers?"

Later, when we talked about it further, she explained, "That would never happen in China. The authorities would never allow it. People are made to work, there is something that they can do, something that can be found that they are capable of doing. People are not permitted to beg all day for what they want or need. And about those that need treatment, they are sent to places where they can receive treatment."

[Now, I know this being a, "right of center blog" the knee jerk reaction is to go off on a tangent about what that last sentence says. But, staying on topic, what she mostly said - that is the the main cause of this recent blog post; that is the main reason that such rules need to be spelled out and displayed, . . . is it not?].

Skyler the Weird said...

But the notices are in English. You have to read English to understand the notices. How many new citizens are illiterate?

A woman at Home Depot told me that though the self service check out is in English and Spanish she has to help the visitors checkout because they cannot read in either language.

glasslass said...

We have a company who imported a large group of Somali's to our small town of 11K. They immediately began looking for a place to put in a mosque. Remember small town, we don't have a lot of space to rent that had large parking lots which was their requirement. They caused such a disruption with many of the bans posted above especially the sexual part that people were quitting in droves. They lasted about a year before said company shipped them back.

JustPeachy said...

Sounds about right.

I lived in Boston in the 20-aughts and used the buses and the T to get around, encountered several of these problems-- low-income get free transit passes, so they use the buses as a place to hang out and stay warm in the winter-- and that includes a lot of raving schizos. People leave trash everywhere, use the back seats as urinals, stick gum to the seats, etc. The people who do that aren't going to be deterred by a sign. They're probably illiterate anyway.

Later, lived briefly in Lima, Peru. Loved the buses there so much. Turns out there are three simple changes you can make, and have a transit system that's affordable, efficient, clean, and safe:

1: Anybody can run a bus company. I think they get some sort of OK from the govt because fares are pretty standard between companies, but the buses are privately owned and there are several companies that run them. The owners of the buses are proud of them, keep them immaculately clean, and would probably beat you up if you peed in there. Even when the buses were crowded, the experience was surprisingly pleasant and friendly. And there are so many buses running that it is rare to have to wait more than a few minutes at a bus stop.

2: The doorman. Every bus had two employees: the driver and the doorman. The doorman's job was to lean out the door approaching a stop, shouting the destinations at people on the sidewalk, collecting fares (which he'd do after you sat down-- he remembered who all had gotten on at each stop and collected money when the bus was already moving-- stops were very short), could give you directions to the place you were trying to get to, threw people off the bus if they were being obnoxious, and enforced the "preferencia" seating-- so if the seats were all full and an old person or pregnant lady got on the bus, he'd evict someone from their seat on behalf of the old or infirm.

3. Nobody rides free. The fares were very cheap, even the poor could afford to take the bus to work, or to the mercado. The poor could not afford to ride the bus all day just for fun.

Francis Turner said...

There are no beggars in Japan either. Well hardly any in that if I see one it tends to be something you mention to people later that day and the last I saw was pre-wuflu

Almost no homeless (in the entire country less than half of those in San Francisco)

Japan is certainly not a commie nation

Kids aged comfortably under 10 take public transport to / from schools and after school activities and they behave well

I could imagine the Japanese posting a sign similar to the Minneapolis one and if they did it would be in English too (and probably Chinese) because the people not behaving proper;y would be foreign tourists

Dan said...

When you import turd world animals you get turd world behavior. This isn't complicated.

Charlie said...

I have lived in Cleveland and the area for over 36 years now, rode the rapid transit twice. Never been on a city bus in my life.
Part of our search criteria when finding our home this last time was that we were
at a minimum of one full county away from any mass transit.
Mass transit of any kind is just welfare in another form. I have seen it all over. Nothing but blacks for workers, few but for blacks as riders.

With all the illegals coming it is gonna be even worse.

Get out while you can.

Aesop said...

Minneapolis is Somalistan.

You get what you import.
Now you can visit the Mall Of America and the Turd World in the same day.

EricW said...

Mogadishu on the Mississippi.