Wednesday, February 7, 2024



From Jennie Breeden and her "The Devil's Panties" comic.  Click the image to be taken to a larger version at the comic's Web page.

It's one of the Web comics I follow daily.  Ms. Breeden has an off-beat sense of humor that sometimes tickles my funny-bone.  Recommended.



Anonymous said...

I don't own an EV and oppose making them mandatory, but I've always thought one would be a great asset in a post-apocalyptic world. Gasoline has a shelf life and after a few months, an IC engine becomes inoperable. An electric motor is maintenance free and batteries last a long time on a trickle charger. And you can charge batteries with solar cells, windmill, water wheel, or even an exercise bike. Sure the range is limited, but in such a world you won't be traveling far or fast.
A great fictional example is The Martian where the stranded astronaut has to plan several days to reach the rescue rocket. He uses solar panels to extend the range of his rover.

Aesop said...

Prepping isn't "woke" for using solar panels.

Prepping is just the place where using solar panels truly makes unalterable sense in good times or bad.

A computer and a printer makes everyman a media outlet and publisher.
A video camera and upload makes Everyman a TV station and movie studio.
And a solar panel and a battery bank makes Everyman a power company.

Only an idiot could've missed that level of obviousness.