Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doofus Of The Day #603

Today's award goes to a German fisher, father and fraud.

A German dad who tried to impress his kids while on holiday by “catching” a couple of fish that he had actually bought at a supermarket - could face prison after being prosecuted for poaching.

Alexander Donninger was on holiday in Austria with his family when he decided on the trick to make his kids think he was a top fisherman, newspaper Die Welt reported on Tuesday.

He went to a supermarket in the Kufstein district and bought two frozen trout – already gutted and ready to cook - not anticipating how tangled his lines were about to become.

Once back at the lake where he and his kids were “fishing” he tied them to the end of lines and dangled them in the lake until they were thawed enough to appear freshly-caught.

He might have been the hero of the family holiday were it not for a passer-by who reported him to the local authorities for poaching.

Although Donninger had a fishing license, he did not have permission to catch anything from the lake he was standing by when he “caught” the trout, the newspaper said.

Not only did he suffer the humiliation of admitting in front of his children that he had had lied about his fishing prowess – the authorities assumed he was telling tall tales to wriggle off the hook.

. . .

Donninger could face up to six months in prison or a fine of up to 360 days of earnings.

I wonder if his kids - not to mention his wife! - will ever let him live that one down?



trailbee said...

How embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Lesson: always keep the receipt!


Christina LMT said...

If they were already gutted, how did he think he could pull it off?

Robert Hewes said...

6 months in prison and or loss of a full year's salary? No matter how much of an idiot that guy is, that's just insane!

CarlS said...

How idiotic - or corrupt - can the cops be, to cite someone for illegal poaching when the fish must clearly be lacking heads, internal organs, etc, etc. And the prosecutor and judge, what does this say abouth his or her mental acuity?