Sunday, May 20, 2012

Over-active imagination at work!

I had to smile at the inventiveness and imagination displayed by whoever cooked up this animation of an old-fashioned RV - complete with wings, a tail and four piston engines!

Cool!  RV aviation steampunk!



Toejam said...

In case anyone didn't figure it out the "flying" sequence is FAKE!

Snowdog said...

nicely rendered though

Shrimp said...

A little exhaust might have helped make it just a touch more believable, but it was well rendered.

Scooney Adrift said...

Sky King, eat your heart out!
Some one did a lot of work to produce this. Agree with Shrimp, those radials are notorious smoke and fire belchers.

Old NFO said...

An Edsel no less...LOL

Anonymous said...

You guys may think it's a fake, but let me tell ya about the time I flew in that sucker. It was when we knocked the pontoons off. Took off from just off the beach at Vung Tau on a flight to Tachikawa AFB so I could go to 106th Hospital for the 13 shots I needed 'cause of havin' been bit by a rabid mongoose while on a sooper-sekrit mission in Thaibodia (some day I'll even tell the story of the magic tourniquet given me by a CIA/NSA/SEAL spook)... oops, where was I? Oh, yeah, they waited around for me for a couple of weeks and we took off again for Kadena AFB. There we were, ten thousand feet and the rubber bands powering all four props broke. Of course there weren't enough chutes for all of us. I crawled through the wings and gathered up all the broken rubber bands, tied 'em together and went wing walking, lassoed a passing Blackbird and got a tow from the SR71 all the way to Okinawa. As we touched down on the runway the pontoons broke off and that's why you can't see 'em in the video. The Blackbird guys were so impressed that they made me an Honorary Habu, and I wear the patch proudly next to the Purple Heart for Gallantry I was awarded for wounds received while battling to the death with that Cong mongoose.
You do realize, of course, that mission was so deep cover that there're no records anywhere, but you can take my word for it.