Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

I'll let the Founding Fathers speak for themselves.  Morgan Freeman does a pretty good job, too.

A happy and blessed Independence Day to all my friends and readers (but I repeat myself).



Anonymous said...

I just found and I think it’s great. I’m going to put you in my links or blogroll, I hope you don’t mind. Thanks.

Stuart Garfath, Sydney. Australia. said...

Words fail me.
I'm an Australian citizen, born 06 August, 1950.
To my knowledge, there is nothing like what I've just seen and heard that exists here. No child in the education systems of Australia is taught, or exposed to, anything remotely approaching this.
We are, by design(?), Politically Ignorant. Not ONCE, during my formative educational years, was the word Politics uttered, NOT ONCE did we debate Politics, NOT ONCE was I, a student, educated about anything remotely resembling an Australian Constitution.
NOT ONCE, not one single time in all those years, was 'Democracy' talked about, in class, by my teachers. NOT ONCE.
Today, as then, NOT ONCE are the present day school children exposed to anything of what I have said.
It is still considered ínappropriate' to discuss, debate, Politics in our schools.
Political ignorance is a subject course that can only be graded 'Pass' if the student presents a blank submission paper for marking.
Now, Australia is reaping what it has been taught to sow over the years.
It is a very, very disturbing picture that's been painted.

skidmark said...

Sure he has a pleasing voice, and can follow a script.

But his personal views on the Constitution, and especially the Secomd Amendment thereto, are not supportive of his eloquent acting in the video. As but one example -

stay safe.

Scott said...

I was going to say that not a single one of those voices seem to hear the echoes of the charges against King George in our sitting President's actions...

Which is a shame, because it's a nicely presented piece!