Thursday, July 4, 2013

TJIC and Jenny may have a problem . . .

I'm sure many readers remember the TJIC affair.  It became a cause célèbre in the blogosphere - see these two articles for details.

Now it seems that the problem still exists.  According to a blog post Tam put up earlier this evening, TJIC and his fiancée, Jenny, have been raided by police who, without a warrant, have confiscated his newly-issued Firearms Identification Card, or FID, plus Jenny's personal firearms.  I have no further information beyond that, although TJIC has posted comments to Tam's article, including "My lawyer says that there's a decent chance I may yet be arrested".  There's obviously a fair amount of speculation right now, but little if any clarity.

If you're that way inclined (as I am), I suggest that prayers for those affected by this are in order.  As to more concrete steps, I guess we'll have to wait until we know more.  However, if the initial reports are correct - i.e. that a search was conducted without a warrant and firearms confiscated without due cause - I expect the resulting lawsuit to be very expensive for the police department involved.



Carteach said...

Not expensive to the police department, but the tax payers of that jurisdiction. There appears to be very little blow back on police departments that act thugishly.

I fear what is down that road. There may come a point where some people choose to defend themselves, no matter the official status of the thug breaking down the door.

Stuart Garfath. Sydney, Australia. said...

This is cause for grave concern. When the resources of those in power, backed by 'laws' made by these same people, enable them to act in this way, without let or hindrance, then something is not right, something is very wrong.
Here in Australia, State and Federal Governments have the power of Compulsory Acquisition'.
Basically, if a Citizen's land house or property is deemed by the Authorities 'Necessary for infrastructure developement', then the relevant Authority can óffer' a deemed 'fair' market price for the asset, then, regardless of the owner's response, literally take over, occupy, or destroy that Citizen's house and assets. I first saw this happen when I was a child of 11, when a Hungarian Migrant's two room house, (a converted garage), was, despite his objections, destroyed, literally bulldozed, as he was pinioned by Police to a side fence of his property, he was virtually insane with grief.
You see, later it was made public that he had escaped the 1956 Hungarian Uprising against Russian Communist rule, and had been able to make a new life for himself, working his newly freed butt off, in a country, a society, that he felt he was safe and protected.
I can never forget what I say that day. He thought he was a free Man, but not so. He was treated EXACTLY as if he had been back in Hungary.
He committed suicide soon after.
Sorry, it still upsets me. That's all.

Stuart Garfath. Sydney, Australia. said...

Pardon my typo, I meant to say, Ï can never forget what I saw that day".

Mad Jack said...

Stuart: Just so. It takes an entire government to bring a person to complete despair, so that all hope is completely lost. A few years back I would have written that he should have come to the United States, but I no longer believe that the US is a free country.

Anonymous said...

TJIC and Jen;

Ensure your lawyer is aware of the following USC provisions:

18 USC Sections 241, 242
42 USC Sections 1983, 1985, 1986


Since the 2A was "incorporated" against the states via McDonald v. Chicago and stipulated a "fundamental civil right" in Heller v DC, you should be able to pierce their customary "official immunity" and make them ALL PAY DEARLY.

Nooses people, we're gonna need lots and lots of nooses in the coming months/years.