Thursday, July 18, 2013

The IRS scandal: Getting to the point

At last the truth behind the IRS scandal begins to come out.  It's looking more and more as if the agency's targeted harassment of conservative political groups was directed, orchestrated and controlled by its chief counsel - one of only two appointments to the IRS by the Obama administration.  In other words, this wasn't an accident;  it wasn't 'rogue bureaucrats' deciding for themselves what to do;  it was deliberate targeting by the Federal government of political opponents of the administration.

Peggy Noonan has an excellent summary of the implications.  In short, this appears to represent malfeasance of office, felonious conduct, and probably grounds for impeachment.  It's at least as bad as Watergate - probably worse, because Watergate didn't involve the deliberate subversion of Federal agencies for partisan political purposes.

It's that serious.

The question is, will the investigation proceed to its logical conclusion, or die in a mire of partisan politics, bickering and deal-making?



Francis W. Porretto said...

The Senate will never agree to convict Obama or any of his top Cabinet officers of anything. We're a long way downhill from the days when a high official suspect of wrongdoing would demand an investigation and trial, knowing that there was no other way to clear his name.

Dirk said...

Nothing will happen, I guarantee it. If Benghazi didn't bring him or anyone else down, if Fast & Furious didn't bring him or anyone else down, this sure isn't going to do it. Charmed life and all that.

Billll said...

Chicago rules.
1. If you own the cops, you won't get arrested.
2. If you own the judge, you won't get convicted.

Jess said...

The only bright spot in this is the upcoming elections in the fall. The political ramifications can lead to serious career losses to politicians.

I'll sit with my feet hanging down and watch. This will be interesting and the possibility of some powerful people being punished for their crimes is not completely ruled out.

Personally, the longer the sentence, the happier I'll be.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's serious. Just not serious enough to the right people.

There is, and has been, so much wrong for so long with Washington in general, and this administration in particular, it's just background noise.

Take a good look at Detroit. In 5-10 years that will be the view out your living room window, brought to you by the same people in Washington who have been bringing it to you for years.

Impeach? Hell, yes, impeach. But, tell me with whom you will replace those impeached.

Thought so.

MSgt B said...

Who are you kidding?

The investigation will go nowhere.

MrGarabaldi said...

The republicans don't have the spine to try to convict Obungler, they had their butt handed to them trying to get BJ Clinton. Obama has control of the mob and the media and they support him no matter what he does.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the powers-that-be figured that by now, the downtrodden majority of this country (you know, the people who actually pay all the bills) would get fed-up and take to the streets, so that martial law could be declared - and the assets and many lives of the majority could be taken (in much the same way that the assets and lives of many of the whites in Zimbabwe were taken over time) - but they didn't reckon on the 'drug-addled' generation now in place.

Twenty or thirty years ago had "they" tried this - "they" would have been dangling from ropes upside down much as Caeucescu of Romania was.

Now? Nope.

Nothing will happen because fully 1/2 of the population have their hands out for 'freebies' and barring a tiny 3% or less of the population actually have some understanding of what is going on - and this is not enough to stop the rot.

Sorry, but the only way out of this is God's way out of this.

Pastor Glenn

skreidle said...

I thought another report had come out clearly demonstrating that, no, all manner of fringe and special-interest groups were investigated, not just conservative and Tea Party groups?