Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slightly weird, but fun!

I came across this short animated movie on YouTube the other day.  I'm not sure I altogether understand it, but I enjoyed it - so I thought you might too.



Rich said...

Neat. And, you're right, it's a bit odd.

It looks like they transplanted a Japanese Kitsune into a Chinese setting.

Mike_C said...

Fun video. I wonder if the story is based on a particular folktale or a new spin on "walk wide o' the fox spirit" or you'll be sorry.

Certainly the idea of the mischievous and wily fox spirit assuming the form of a beautiful woman runs throughout East-Asian folklore. To Mandarin speakers it was huli jing (huli = fox, jing = spirit; pretty literal translation, huh?). In modern times Stan Sakai in his wonderful Usagi Yojimbo comic (of anthropmorphic animals set in feudal-age Japan, for those poor souls who have not read his tales of the eponymous rabbit ronin) has an attractive female thief/trickster character named "Kitsune" or fox.

As a child I occasionally heard my parents making remarks about "huli jing" . I suppose I should emphasize that this was in the same way you or I would talk about leprechauns or el chupacabra, meaning either metaphorcially ("That woman is acting like a huli jing") or tongue firmly in cheek ("I don't know who ate the last muffin, perhaps a fox spirit got it.")

Murphy's Law said...

I admit--I don't get it. But it was fun nonetheless.

Joel C said...

Hey Mike! Always a pleasure to "meet" a fellow Usagi fan.

If I remember rightly, Usagi's encountered a troublesome fox spirit as well in the course of his travels. I think so, anyway, as I was attributing my recognition of the concept to Stan's work.

Anyway, I think Rich basically nailed it. Two guys try to catch a Japanese style trickster-fox and then fight each other with typical Chinese style super-kung fu.

I think that's all there is to get, and all that's needed. There might be some old myth behind this vignette, and again maybe not. Cool and fun, either way.

Rolf said...

Meaning is obvious: Cute makes guys stupid :-)

JD(not the one with the picture) said...

Out foxed by a foxy fox, or chasing "tale" can lead to trouble.

Scott said...

I think Rolf has the right of it!