Thursday, March 5, 2015

Doofus Of The Day #819

Courtesy of Miss K.

Rednecks . . . *Sigh*



Bob said...

"Don't try this a home kids."


Sam vfm #111 said...

He didn't do it right. You should say:

"Here, hold my beer and watch this"

Anonymous said...

As a southern white redneck hillbilly I'll say; That is not a redneck. That is a dumbass. A redneck or hillbilly would have used Ag Diesel or cut that gas 50% with used motor oil. Also a true redneck would have (1) Waited till sundown to light that pile (2) had the keg 'O Bud on ice and (3) had a stage set up for the band or a sound system rigged out as young "hotties" are much more likely to show up for free beer/food/dancing/entertainment than they are for smelly farm boys with a box'o matches.---Ray

Elizabeth said...

And this, boys and girls, is how to give the ER department their 'story of the week' when you have to go in with your fried lungs.

Anonymous said...

Ray got there first. Peter, "redneck" and "hillbilly" are not derogatory terms, nor do they necessarily denote imbecility. This is an idiot, examples of which can be found in any racial or socioeconomic group.
Not meant to chastise, just inform.
--Tennessee Budd, both a redneck & a hillbilly.

Mark Matis said...

I often wonder how long it takes new immigrants to understand the four most important words in the English language:

"Hey, y'all - watch this!"

And those are DEFINITELY not a Southern exclusive...

Nor a rural one either, although in the hives it might more commonly be said in Ebonics...

Anonymous said...

The way to do this is as follows.
Soak the pile in diesel.
Wait till sun down.
Take a quart mason jar filled with gas,set on the pile.
Place a lit candle on the pile.
Get back 200 feet and pop the bottle with a rifle.
Instant redneck bonfire.

Anonymous said...

Yah Peter, The Term "redneck" was originally coined in the 1930's to describe a white southern farmer who worked all day in the sun. Hence "Red Neck". It became a term of derision in the 1960's when the communist front "freedom riders" used it as an insulting epithet for ALL white southern males. Hillbilly has always been used by "progressives" as an insult to the people of the eastern mountains of Ky., Tenn., N. Carolina, South Carolina and Ga..Both were invented to allow the northern power structure to pillage and suppress the white rural farmers and rural poor of the south ,at will, without undue adverse publicity. This was invented and used ruthlessly under FDR but also used to great effect by LBJ. ---Ray