Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Doofus Of The Day #923

Today's award goes to Microsoft's Bing Maps. The Register reports:

Microsoft has misplaced Melbourne, the four-million-inhabitant capital of the Australian State of Victoria.

A search on Bing Maps for “Melbourne, Victoria, Australia” says the city is at 37.813610, 144.963100 which we've screen-captured above.

The co-ordinates are right save for one important detail: Melbourne is at 37.8136° South. Bing's therefore put it in the wrong hemisphere.

There's more at the link.

Oh, well . . . what's a few thousand miles - and a hemisphere - between friends?  Watch that GPS, though, as you navigate around Australian roads looking for Melbourne.  The Pacific Ocean's a bit deeper than a local puddle!



trailbee said...

I love maps. My biggie goof was when I was taking a sailing class and learned to read and work on charts and could not get my head around 60 minutes and 100%. I learned after I flunked the class. Some things always stay with you. Thank goodness. :) I bought my grandchildren a NG globe and a current World Atlas. My first grandson is hooked on geography. Good kid.

Sherm said...

Since you're checking the globe. Have fun with this web page.


TheOtherSean said...

This wasn't the first major mapping problem involving Australia. Apple's sent people to the middle of the desert instead of a major metropolis. Also, Australia is shifting just fast enough (plate tectonics rule!) that older coordinates registered are now often slightly off, presenting problems for some GPS-based navigation.

Sendarius said...

When I traveled from Perth to Texas for a car club meeting, as a joke I asked Google maps how to get there.

Google said: "Drive 3946 kms to Sydney, then swim 12,066 kms to Los Angeles..."

Sadly it doesn't do that now.

Quartermaster said...

C'mon. What's 3 thousand miles between friends?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

How in the hell can any reputable map-maker misplace the location of a major world-famous city?
Where do they place New York City on their U.S. maps? Just north of Charleston S.C.?