Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How healthy is your financial institution?

If you're lucky, your bank or credit union is in the Top 200 lists prepared by Here are the top ten in each category.

  1.  First Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Rafael - San Rafael, CA
  2. National Bank of New York City - Flushing, NY
  3. Home Bank of California - San Diego, CA
  4. M.Y. Safra Bank - New York, NY
  5. Lighthouse Bank - Santa Cruz, CA
  6. Eastbank - New York, NY
  7. Fidelity Bank (MN) - Edina, MN
  8. Bank of George - Las Vegas, NV
  9. Sargent County Bank - Forman, ND
  10. Bank of Utah - Ogden, UT

  1. New Hampshire Federal Credit Union - Concord, NH
  2. Self Reliance (NJ) Federal Credit Union - Clifton, NJ
  3. Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union - Denver, CO
  4. Cascade Community Credit Union - Roseburg, OR
  5. Telcoe Federal Credit Union - Little Rock, AR
  6. Members Choice Federal Credit Union - Waco, TX
  7. WestStar Credit Union - Las Vegas, NV
  8. Westerra Credit Union - Denver, CO
  9. H E B Federal Credit Union - San Antonio, TX
  10. F&A Federal Credit Union - Monterey Park, CA

See the other 190 in each category at the link.  Useful information, IMHO.

I'd like to see a more complete list, so one could find out where one's financial institution rates overall against all its peers in the USA.  If it proves to be in the lower half, one could take steps accordingly.  Is such a list available?  If anyone knows where to find it, please let us know in Comments.



BC said...

Read up a bit on Jack Stack and how he found the bank he got the startup loan for his company from.

Bottom of the list banks can provide a real bonus for somebody seeking a loan!

Javahead said...

The main website ( is has useful tool - you can type in your bank or credit union's name to get its rating, even if they aren't at the top or bottom of category lists.

Unknown said...

Under the bed. No storage fees.

Kristophr said...

Look up the term "Texas Ratio".

The Texas Ratio is the ratio of possible liabilities to security and cash held. You want a bank with as low a number as possible.

TheOtherSean said...

Thanks for posting that. I see that bank where my funds are deposited appears to be in good health, so I guess I don't have to worry about this bank failing and needing to find a new one just yet.

WOZ said...

Try this site. Not very intuitive but good source of data (it is a .gov so think if it as the DMV or the ACA web site).
I'm still into stocks so this is where I get my data for decision making for bank stocks.
Banks are regulated by the FDIC and have to file quarterly "Call" reports so the information is pretty transparent.