Friday, April 26, 2019

A bureaucratic firestorm of problems and delays

From a comment to the previous post, I learned of a major airport in Germany that's never become operational, despite a twenty-year-odd construction period and an expenditure of well over eight billion dollars.  Sounds like a bureaucrat's vision of paradise!

Verily, the mind doth boggle . . . in particular, at the tolerance of German voters, who've put up with this boondoggle for so long at taxpayer expense!



Themav1977 said...

Also pertinent with the same sort of problems in my area:

hdemand said...

A lover's conversation in Berlin, Germany:

She: "Do you love me?"
He: "I love you very much!"
She: "How much?"
He: "Very, very, very much!!"
She: "And how long will your love last?"
He: "Until Berlin International Airport is finished!"
She:"Oh, you are soooo sa-weet, honey!!"

John Ray said...

Now, we must redefine "Teutonic ingenuity".

Beans said...

Hmmm... Wondering where the money is actually being funneled to. Shades of Boston's Big Dig and so forth. Some 'Green' politician or politicians have lined their pockets very well, very very well.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

It is more than that...I had blogged a year or so ago about the state of the German defenses, also their ship making capability. They designed a new frigate and started building the ship and ran into problems. The ship finally got finished but it doesn't work well, a lot of money wasted. The consensus is that the Germans don't know how to do "big" projects anymore, they forgot how. At least the ones involved with government. This is becoming an endemic problem with them. the vaunted Teutonic efficiency isn't there anymore, it is not a prized cultural asset.