Thursday, April 4, 2019

An excellent response to pro-abortion activists

Most pro-abortion activists I've met (I refuse to call them "pro-choice", because that's a weasel term that ducks the issue) deny that the foetus in the womb is a human being.  They'll call it a "clump of cells", or refer to the "contents of the uterus" as if it were simply an inconvenience to be discarded.

Here's an excellent answer to that lie.  Click the image for a larger view.




McChuck said...

Democrats do not care. They're evil, not stupid.

Educated Savage said...

That guy needs to run in 2024.

Silent Draco said...

The party of cannibalism, gang rape, and child sacrifice. Fitting.

m4 said...

If we harvest organs from lab-grown matter, is that a human being?

No intention to wade into the wider debate (again), but this particular argument seems a bit flimsy.

McChuck said...

Educated Savage - He ran in 2016. Since he's a not just a man, but a black man, the Dems trotted out a half dozen women who claimed he had raped them (cf. Anita Hill). Since that worked so well, they tried it on Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh.