Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Star Wars - Australian edition

This parody fan movie dates from 2013, but until reader Snoggeramus directed my attention to it, I'd never heard of it.  Half an hour of creative and Australian-sense-of-humor funny - what's not to like?

See the movie's Web site for more information.

It looks like there are a whole raft of Star Wars parodies and fan films.  See this list for the details.



Old NFO said...

Funny! :-)

Eric Wilner said...

It was near the end before I realized that it has English subtitles. Which are hilarious in their own right.
That's... quite something. I caught some Australian references (Nedtroopers, light boomerangs, various kangaroo-related critters and transports: kind of hard to miss), and the web site explains some others, but I know I'm missing a lot more.

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

What do you mean English Sub titles!! We speak English down here, Aussie English. I especially liked the Nedtroopers!

Will said...

In the credits, they list a "keg operator". ???

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

That is the bloke pouring the drinks from the beer keg.

urbane legend said...

Are "bloody" and "bugger" the only two words Australian men use? Ten minutes in and I'm still waiting for the humor. I guess you had to be there.