Monday, May 11, 2020

Memes that made me laugh 6

Another random roundup from the Internet over the past week.

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The last three aren't funny, but they're very true.  You might want to circulate them among your friends on social media.  (Click the first one to biggit.)

More next week.



Aesop said...

Most of those were treasures. One of them should be buried.

I'm glad you thought #12 was funny. We could all use some laughs these days. But I thought it was written by an absolute moron.

Just saying.

Beans said...

I think #12 is spot on in the sarcasm department. Why not be able to go to a hair salon or a nail salon or a church (which, by the way, totally protected by the 1st Amendment, so all orders shuttering churches is totally unconstitutional) using reasonable precautions? Which are, if you are an old and/or sick fart, stay home, else, wash your darned hands and be reasonable.

As to #2, well, thank nasty disfiguring diseases for that particular fashion accessory. No. Seriously.

Aesop said...

Not arguing to shutter churches, nor against reasonable precautions.
I'm waiting to see the barber, hair stylist, or manicurist who can do their job from 6' away, but I'm open to a reasonable explanations for how that works.

But one of these things is not like the other, and the soopergenius who pooped that one out is oversupplied with cluelessness.
It's still a little bit funny, but only in a running-over-yourself-with-your-own-car kind of way.

LindaG said...

Perhaps those barbers, etc, would be related to Scissorhands? (Or however it's spelled. Freddy Krueger might have been easier to spell.)

I enjoyed pretty much all of them. Thanks!

Roy said...

I especially liked #12 because it got Aesop's titties in a pinch.

Great Scott said...

I like them as well. Why overanalyze everything.

OvergrownHobbit said...

Very funny! There is a blogger called Bookworm Room.. Hmmm.

Okay, there WAS a site called that had some Hi-larious meme round-ups...

But they seem to have disappeared. Hope they're okay.

Doug Cranmer said...

Oh, God. Aesop just can't help himself.