Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Nah. I'm sure there's no connection. None at all . . .

Headlines to make you see red, when taken together:

What a coincidence!  That the states falling over themselves to hand out taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens, the homeless and what they define as "needy" groups, should turn around and demand that the rest of us pay them ONE TRILLION DOLLARS for "coronavirus aid"!  And what a coincidence that only a few days after announcing millions in taxpayer dollars as a handout to illegal aliens, California's governor is asking state employees to tighten their belts!  There can't possibly be a relationship between them.  Right?  Right?  Anyone . . . Bueller?

Perish the thought that the "coronavirus aid" Western states are demanding might not be for costs related to the current pandemic, but instead to replenish their states' coffers that they've depleted wasted through misspending, overspending, ideological blindness and just plain incompetence - so they can turn around and waste that money all over again in the name of "compassion" or "tolerance" or "equality".

None of those things could possibly be more than coincidental . . . could they?



Dave said...

Fourth headline:

"Angry citizens propose to pay for California's debt by selling the organs of California politicians."

What? I think that's a perfectly legitimate response.

John Cunningham said...

Oak tree, rope, DemonRAT politicians: some assembly required.

tsquared said...

And they have been releasing prison felons and have talked about laying off cops if they don't get federal funding.

I call the bluff. Shut off all federal funding to California and let them sort out their mess.

Rey B said...

Tar, feathers, politician, some assembly required. Rail rides optional.

Aesop said...

MOAR, please.

And cut off Uncle's teat, sil vous plait.

The faster the people's Socialist Republic of Califrutopia goes bankrupt, the quicker the statues of Marx come down, and the faster I get my state back from all y'all's toothless banjo-playing kinfolk. Bummer for their actual native states when they move back home, and bring their nannies and gardeners with them, but that's the price you pay for shipping your abortion survivors here, and turning two blind eyes to 20M illegal alien invaders for 50 years.

Best build bigger chicken coops, because yours will be coming home to roost, soon. ;)

Sherm said...

I always find those types of headlines a bit insulting. "Western" governors? I'm spent my whole life in western states and don't want to be painted with the brush they are wielding. Incompetent governors would be a more accurate headline.

Roy said...

Aesop: "...get my state back from all y'all's toothless banjo-playing kinfolk."

Again with the toothless banjo players. We get it, Aesop. You hate people from Appalachia. Well, okay, right back atcha then! And this from a California moron who continues to blame the rest of the country for his own state's stupidity.

I live in banjo-central - The Bluegrass state - and I know a lot of banjo pickers. (None of whom have had any desire to move to the land of fruits and nuts.) The irony is that, almost without exception, they are all conservative politically. So that means they would be his natural allies if he weren't so damned insufferable. But then again, that's pretty common among Californians like Aesop because most of them think they're just better than everyone else.