Monday, January 23, 2023

"A Created Global Food Crisis"


Sundance at The Last Refuge puts the ongoing food crisis in a nutshell, echoing much of what I've been saying over the past year or more.

Joe Biden, NATO, the G7, the European Union, the World Bank, USAID, and every western leader in the United States and Europe stated in early and mid 2022 there will be food shortages in 2023.

They did not say there might be shortages; their statements were emphatic, there will be shortages.

Accept this basic cornerstone.  Then ask why not a single proactive step has been taken by any of the aforementioned institutions or governments to alleviate what they declare is a certainty.  Why?

Simple question, “why?”

If all of the western nations, non-govt organizations and heads of state, are aware of a coming food crisis, why is there no proactive response?

It is a question that even the most hardcore leftists will not answer, because there is only one answer.  No action is being taken because they do not want to take action.  No effort to avoid the crisis is being done, because they do not want the crisis avoided.

Peel all the layers of obfuscation and causation away, and what we find is the epicenter of the food shortage is directly the result of the Build Back Better agenda.  A post-pandemic western government deliberate decision to radically change global energy development.  In succinct terms, the climate change agenda.

However, regardless of how you feel about the validity of “climate change,” the cause of diminished food supplies is purposeful.  It is not climate change causing food shortages. It is the purposeful action taken under the guise of mitigating climate change that is causing the shortage of food.

The collective Build Back Better energy policy of western governments’ is the reason for massive increases in energy costs, massive oil price jumps, gasoline price increases, significant increases in chemical costs, increases in diesel fuel costs, shortages of fertilizer created using natural gas, and the end result is lower crop yields, higher farming costs and eventually, food shortages.  They knew this.

All of the organizations and government who have been decrying the future shortage of food, know it is the radical shift in energy resource development that is creating the crisis.  This acceptance of reality begins the framework to understand just how entrenched and committed these western leaders are toward their beloved climate change agenda.

We are only just now beginning to see the first aspects of the food shortage.  However, once the issue becomes unavoidable the western leaders will not and cannot accept the blame for what they have done.  They will blame-cast, excuse and justify what is surfacing.

Food shortages will be blamed on the Ukraine conflict, Russian aggression, climate change and any various iteration of justification that does not identify the true cause, their energy ideology.

I’m not so sure that people fully understand what the entire system of western government would be willing to do to avoid being blamed for avoidable death on a potential scale that is quite alarming.  All of the western leaders, institutions and governments are on the same boat.   They are all in this together.

There's more at the link.  Recommended reading.

Notice, too, how those who are trying to prepare for what's so clearly coming down the pike at us are already being vilified as "hoarders" and "black marketeers".  Never mind that it's a matter of simple, basic responsibility to prepare to feed one's family during hard times:  that's now an indicator that one is being anti-social, selfish and mean-spirited.  Those who've seen the writing on the wall and are preparing for what it predicts know better, of course.

Nevertheless, "preppers" had best be prepared not only for natural and man-made disasters, but for official vilification.  Their food stocks might - no, not "might", but almost certainly will - be targeted for confiscation, and they may face prosecution if they don't proactively hand them over to the Nanny State.  That's yet another way that the powers that be - who are, let us remember, ultimately responsible for the food crisis - will try to deflect responsibility from themselves onto other, easier targets for the anger of the mob.  It's easier to get the residents of a street, or a suburb, worked up about and angry at a local Henry the Hoarder or Paul the Profiteer than at some nebulous bureaucrat or politician in a city far away.  That takes the heat off those guilty of the problem, and diverts it onto some poor schmuck who just wanted to feed his family.

It's very, very late to begin preparations for food shortages and increase your family's security, if you haven't already done so.  Nevertheless, every little helps:  and even now, at this very late stage, you can still stock up enough supplies to get you through a month or two of hard times without breaking your budget.  I can only recommend very strongly that you do so.

Furthermore, make sure you have enough security equipment on hand, and have trained in its effective use, and have taken sufficient security precautions, to make sure you can keep your supplies.  That may well become necessary.  Certainly, in every one of the (multiple) countries where I've seen serious food shortages, it has been necessary.  Every time.  Hungry people aren't widely known as respecters of rights or persons.  Nor are bureaucrats and politicians trying to cover their asses.



deb harvey said...

store water too

James said...

On water purification, pool shock lasts for over 10 years and bottled bleach for less than one.
Of course it is intentional, all you have to do is look at the whole avian flu debacle. The test is known to give false positives. If a farmer has a positive test, and they can keep testing til they get one, he is very well compensated for destroying the entire flock. In he does not immediately destroy the birds, any losses will be on him. No birds, no eggs, and no chicken, does this look familiar?

nick flandrey said...

Once you have some at home, start figuring out where else you can stash some. Either a reciprocal arrangement with a trusted friend, where you both swap preps to each other's places, or more conveniently a storage unit.

A unit with 24hr access on your most likely route out of town would be best, especially if you can get access without power.

Since most storage places don't allow food, it'll have to be in boxes or bins before you get there. Labels like "Xmas", "kid toys", "baby clothes", are good. "Guns and ammo" are bad. Thieves don't like books either, and since books are heavy, that will provide cover for canned goods. Buckets can be rimmed with paint.

Don't put any indication of tools or a safe in a visible spot, because people are watching and will look if it's possible. I've had two storage units robbed in the last year. One by another renter, one by a gang of pros. The renter didn't like the looks of the industrial stuff I had in that unit. The pros stole most of my ebay reseller inventory, all the housewares, electronics, and sporting goods. They ransacked the unit to get to it all.

Include a case of baby wipes and a change of clothes for everyone in the family, and a couple of cases of water. Both for hygiene and comfort.

The offsite stash is also useful if a tornado or flood destroys your primary storage at your home. A trashbag with copies of important papers would be a good thing at the unit too. No one is going to steal a trashbag, or even look hard at what's inside.

If they do come around, let them find all the out of date stuff you didn't rotate thru yet, or tell them you donated to a food pantry or other charity.

Of course, if you can, arrange it so you live surrounded by like minded people, who won't tolerate any confiscation.


Anonymous said...

Moving boxes labeled “old pornos” is my go to distraction

Celia Hayes said...

And keep very quiet that you are stashing groceries. Be grey. Be invisible. Persistently unnoticeable.

Charlie said...

It's very, very late to begin preparations for food shortages and increase your family's security, if you haven't already done so. Nevertheless, every little helps: and even now, at this very late stage, you can still stock up enough supplies to get you through a month or two of hard times without breaking your budget. I can only recommend very strongly that you do so.

I agree it is a bit late to begin, but a quick wm search revealed.

flour 25lbs $40
sugar 25 lbs 16
pinto dry 25 lbs 40
rice 20lbs 22
coffee 3 lbs 11

So, for $130, toss in another $100 for seasonings etc

Under $250 dollars you assure you eat for a bit. Add to it while ya can.

PeterW. said...

The bulk price on most grains is well below what it was six-eight months ago.

Just sayin’.