Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Antifa - tool of the establishment


Tucker Carlson points out the obvious.  I've embedded his talk below in video form, and excerpts from the transcript follow if you prefer to read rather than listen.

Antifa is the armed instrument of the permanent Democratic establishment in Washington. Their job is to mobilize when politically necessary. Now, this is a new thing in the United States, but political militia are a common feature in third world politics. They were a staple in Haiti. In our country, however, only one party has them, the Democratic Party. They're the only ones with armed militia in the street.

So with that in mind, it's interesting to note that Antifa is back in force, and that's probably not a very good sign for Joe Biden. If nothing else, Antifa has a solid track record of getting rid of sitting presidents.

. . .

But what you have in effect here is the official endorsement of domestic terrorism from the highest level of the Democratic Party. And why wouldn't you? Again, this is their militia. These are their state-sanctioned shock troops, and they are effectively immune from criticism. 

So you go to jail for owning a 10-round magazine, but they get to do whatever they want. Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray, who runs the FBI, are making certain that every last January 6 defendant spends years in jail. Their lives are destroyed, on the no fly list. And yet Antifa terrorists get released almost as soon as they're arrested.

. . .

Is anyone going to ask what Antifa is? Who leads this group? How many more riots do they have to lead before the New York Times gets interested and does a five-part series on what is this? Who are these people? Who pays for this? Where do they stay at night? What's their background? Give us some news on Antifa. They're the biggest armed militia in the United States, and we know nothing about them. Why? Because they're aligned with the Democratic Party.

But they're telling you the real threat is rural voters with AR-15s, assault weapons. You must disarm Republican voters. No, thanks. 

Disarm? Why don't you go ahead and disband Antifa? Go full RICO on them. Let's find out who their leaders are. Let's see them in jail. Then maybe you can tackle street crime and then pay a little bit of attention to the drug cartels that control the southwestern United States. And then maybe at that point, you will convince some people to register their AR-15s, But until you do that, up yours.

There's more at the link.

I can't disagree with a word Tucker Carlson says.  The reality is painfully obvious to everyone except those in lock-step with the progressive left-wingers who currently control the reins of federal power.  We're very fortunate - some of us - to live in states that are not of that persuasion, and are strong enough to resist federal and progressive-left encroachment to at least some extent.

I've had to deal with government bully-boys on more than one occasion, in more than one country.  I learned the hard way that there's only one way to stop them.  They're convinced that they're in the right, they know they won't face any consequences for what they do, and the legal system is on their side, so they keep on coming, no matter what.  There's only one way to stop them, and that is physically - by resisting their force with equal or greater force, making them stop.  I suspect that's the reality more and more Americans will have to accept from here onward.

Oh, well.  Time to check out the ammo locker and replenish any gaps.  (I doubt there'll be many . . . after literally decades of witnessing violence and anarchy at first hand, I lost my innocence about that sort of thing a long, long time ago!)  Given how many of these Antifa domestic terrorists are wearing body armor, though, it might be a good idea to stock up on things that can defeat such measures.



Anonymous said...

Pantifa huh. Well ok.
They were lightly funded reasonably well organized rabble a few years ago. Good comms&control. Surprising discipline. Screw w/ their cyclists & skateboarders at your own peril. (Then again...hello Kyle.). Today: Expected more of them, better trained & much better equipped. Expect them to control the time/chaos environment (entropy) w/skill. Baofeng will be compromised, use only for deception & obfuscation plus OTP only. Lose control of some 'special' otp& exploit. Expect to see a lot of Afgan surplus. Drones-big&small...have been here all along...expect more of same only armed! Maybe that .308 is a good idea after all. That's it for today kids. Stay frosty (that's what they say,right?)

Anonymous said...

It's promising to be a long, hot, violent summer.

Wish it weren't, but that seems to be what the dealer's putting in our hands.

I do agree with Anon (above), I think it's time to temporarily retire the 5.56 and check the zero on the 7.62X51. I don't expect any excitement at The Bunker but ounces now, pounds later, etc.

nick flandrey said...

it might be a good idea to stock up on things that can defeat such measures.

- shotgun. Lots of ammo. They aren't Gundam...

- gasoline. Styrofoam. Garden sprayer. Road flare. Buckets.

- Ammonia. Bleach. High ground.

- Commercial vehicle over 8000 lbs. Plow blade.

- All terrain forklift, flatbed truck full of concrete 'jersey barriers' and some foresight. Use their numbers against them. Pre-spray the chute with antifa slogans and they won't even notice them.

- flatbed truck full of chain link fence panels.

- combine the above in various and multiple ways.

If I was writing a novel about some people fighting back against an organized mob, I think those things would feature prominently.


Feather Blade said...

Remember the lesson that all video gamers learn eventually: take out the healers first.

Aesop said...


Anonymous said...

Nope, silenced .22LR rifles. Hard to track, hard to get ballistics from. Just find a hide and....

One in the ear so they hear you, my grandad always said.

LL said...

They pick their woke targets better now.

In Payson, AZ when they showed up during the summer of love, the police made a traffic stop on the vehicles with their trailers of bricks and supplies and showed them where they were allowed to demonstrate and then advised that they (the police) would be busy elsewhere so the people of the city be entrusted with their care. ANTIFA didn't like the look of that and drove home, to Tucson of all places, followed all the way.

When they went to Prescott they met citizens in battalion strength. and turned around there too.

Mauser said...

Not the first political militia the Democrats have funded and organized, the Ku Klux Klan being the first.

E M Johnson said...

not in a place to add x51 to the logistics. I will have to concentrate on placement. fortunately there is low probability of engagement with those threats in my area.

Dan said...

The early Nazi party had it's brownshirts...the DNC/commie left has Antifa/BLM.

Anonymous said...

Winner winner chicken dinner. Was waiting for someone else who paid attention in history class....

Anonymous said...

I just love Tucker! His wit is unmatchable! He could be the best comedian ever, if there wasn't so much absolute truth in what he says! I loved the ending statement! Perfect reading of the people's mind! Thank you Tucker! Truth hurts but it also heals!