Monday, January 16, 2023

A superb answer to Woke activists


A few days ago, the Oxford Union in Britain, famous for its debates on all sorts of weighty matters, took up the topic of "Woke" culture.  Konstantin Kisin delivered this superb analysis, which I think is spot on.  It's worth ten minutes of your time to listen to him.

I'd love to have every wokescold listen to that short talk.  They won't, of course - they'll shut down their listening and analytical faculties within the first minute, because they don't tolerate opposition - but it would do them no end of good if they would.




LL said...

The content of character is all that matters.

Nate Winchester said...

James Lindsay apparently had fun being put on the pro-woke side and wrote about his experience.

For those curiously, James is explicitly NOT woke, and has studied their literature and thinking in such detail he can argue their position fluently. And point out the absurdity as he does. Seriously check out the link.