Thursday, January 19, 2023

The World Economic Forum, summed up in a masterly rant


Quoth The Raven has given his impressions of the World Economic Forum (meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland) in a masterly (and sometimes profane) rant.  Here's an excerpt.

Among the many wretched, slimy and odious things that are increasingly giving me the creeps as the sands of my life’s hourglass continue to fall is the World Economic Forum: a collective of self-righteous global elites handing down virtues, values, lessons, lectures and political initiatives to us peons out here in the rest of the world.

The “Forum” is increasingly starting to resemble a globalist government, stocked with globally unelected turbo-douchebags, who have been assembling quietly in the background while no one has noticed.

One minute you’ve never heard of them - did you know the WEF has been around for about 5 decades? - the next, the “Forum” is harboring incredible influence, mostly with “useful” bureaucratic idiots on the left who are happy to take their cues on how to napalm individual rights for betterment of advancing their agendas from anyone who will help, regardless of their motivation.

That’s right: gone are the days of joking about The Great Reset, owning nothing and liking it and shifting to a diet of mealworms and crickets.

I’ve arrived at a point past that - a point of being sickened by watching people that in no way, shape or form represent me or the people in my life, yammer on about what my future will or won’t look like and what things I stand for are “right” or “wrong”.

He concludes:

I’m a citizen of the world - but I don’t need a world forum to speak for me or involuntarily deputize me in whatever ideological or social justice cause they deem important. What’s best for one person isn’t necessarily what’s best for the next, and the arrogance of a “select group of human beings” thinking they can speak and act for everyone under the manufactured guise of “saving the planet” and doing what’s best for everyone tells you everything you need to know about these sociopaths.

There's much more at the link.  Recommended reading.

This is precisely the point about the progressive left in all its forms.  They won't leave people alone.  They insist that it's their way or the highway, and if you disagree, they'll get in your face and persuade and argue and coerce and wheedle and shout and scream and carry on until either you change your mind and "get with the program", or you give up out of sheer exhaustion and stress and they get their way regardless.

Davos is simply progressivism writ large.  Like the author above, I can't remember hearing or worrying much about the World Economic Forum for decades, until its pronouncements gained prominence over the past decade or so.  It's now clear they were working behind the scenes for a very long time to get to this point, until their acolytes occupy commanding positions in many of the world's governments.  They seem to believe that their success, their conquest, is now inevitable.  Well, perhaps it is in their own circles - but they've forgotten one thing.  The "little people", the ordinary men and women like you and I who'll be affected by their pronouncements, have not got on board their train, and - given that it offers us no advantages whatsoever except the loss of individual rights, freedoms and choices - we have no incentive to get aboard it.

We saw what happened in Sri Lanka over the past few years, where government policies that slavishly tried to implement the Davos agenda led to catastrophe and its overthrow by its own people.  The globalists there keep trying to make a comeback, but they daren't go too far, because its citizens have now realized - and experienced - that they can overthrow their rulers if they do.  One wonders why more governments around the world haven't yet learned from that lesson.  I suspect many of them are going to do so over the next few years.

Go read both linked articles above, particularly the one in the preceding paragraph (it highlights the WEF's influence in Sri Lanka, to the disastrous detriment of that nation).  Both are worth your time.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, no, exactly.
They will push too far, some argue thats the point we're at now, regardless... the point is rapidly approaching where these people get hunted down and shot in the face. Literally, like the Jews did to the Nazis that 'got away' after WWII, with their roving bands of hunters across the world. You will see it. ("Former CEO of BioNTech was shot dead in drive by at a Caracass restaurant this evening, no suspects...")
"The People" will rise up and hunt these vermin down, I'm certain of it.
Perhaps its already started? They won't know until they feel the bullets.

Maniac said...

WEF, Bilderburg, Bohemian Grove - plutocratic vampires, all of them.

Gerry said...

"I’m a citizen of the world"

I heard this the first time when in Poland from an expat.
Not me -American by birth and choice.
I have no desire to tell someone in another country how to live their life and I expect the same in return.

DanC said...

WEF is worse than all those maniac evildoers from Bond movies, combined: WEF are convinced they're doing good and they are hell-bent on bringing the 'good' from their minds to the entire world. And us/poor us don't see the greatness of their ideas/actions. It's Antichrist's Savior complex. And it's worse than Bond movies because they have far more resources than any imagined mass-murderer-magnate + there's no 007 to come to the rescue. Plus, all media is presenting WEF as something double-plus-good.
Looks like we're living in a Hitchcock/Orwell dystopian horror movie: most of humanity is infected with some neo/eco-marxist virus and the few of us we see, are chased/silenced/re-educated by those infected.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough Vox Popoli posted this which supposedly outlines the end result of their machinations:

I live in New Zealand and know that a lot of VERY rich people own large chunks of land with, it is rumoured, large underground fall out shelters, lavishly equipped and provisioned so that when TSHTF, they have a safe bolt hole.

Things to make you go "Hmmmm" right enough.

Anonymous said...

I live in New Zealand and these people seem to have such degree of contempt for us that they're not bothering to hide their huge tracts of land (obscure Monty Python reference...)

But if they did try to hide, they couldn't because those tracts of land are well, huge. Also, there are relatively few airports that can take their Gulfstreams and Citations; and those airports are all within built-up areas absolutely brimming with deplorable types.

Last but by no means least; all the deliverers of building supplies, the diggers of ditches, the planters of trees, the builders of houses, the layers of pavestones, the plumbing and electrical contractors, and their wives and friends and families, know who built what when and where. Just saying.

Eric Wilner said...

Anonymous: Look up "Digwell Carol" by Leslie Fish.
Oh, here it is: Digwell Carol.