Monday, January 9, 2023

Memes that made me laugh 141


Gathered from around the Internet over the past week.  Click any image for a larger view.

More next week.



John Fisher said...

The last meme is incorrect. Real men resist metric sockets!

cannon said...

I think the company that first offers 10 MM sockets, or wrenches, in a 12 pack is going to get rich, rich,rich.

Peter said...

@cannon: No sooner said than done!


Eric Wilner said...

Ah, instructions on the pizza box!
Reminds me of Wonko the Sane's revelation upon seeing instructions printed on a box of toothpicks.

BillB said...

John Fisher, make it 7/16" and it would be correct.

Mauser said...

The flap on a bag of Flour reminds people that flour must be cooked before it is eaten.