Sunday, January 1, 2023

Sunday morning music


Welcome to 2023!  Our first Sunday Morning Music post is for progressive rock group Polyphia, who turn out to be not so much "rock" as "anything goes" in their musical approach.  They're certainly innovative, with a style I'm growing to enjoy as I listen to more of their work.  A number of legendary musicians have performed with the group in recent releases, to add to the enjoyment.

Let's begin with the group's 2016 track "Crush", from their album "Renaissance".

Next, here are two tracks from their 2022 album "Remember That You Will Die".  First, here's "Playing God".

And this is "Ego Death".  The group is joined by master guitarist Steve Vai.

Eclectic, interesting music.  I hope you enjoyed these samples.  Look on YouTube for more of their tracks.



bultaco1495 said...

Seven string rhythm guitar, seven string lead guitar, five string bass, . . . that's the first thing I noticed.

Gaffer said...

"Interesting" music. But not a style I enjoy. Thanks for the experience

Bob said...

Listened to just a bit of the first song. Monotonous, repetitive.

NobobyExpects said...

Pope Benedict XVI died.

Rest in Peace.

jl said...

I love this band and have telling everyone I know about them...there seems to be no middle ground, people either love ' em or hate 'em. Thanks for spreading the word!