Thursday, January 12, 2023

Is the US military destroying "vaxxed" blood?


EDITED TO ADD:  THIS MAY BE A HOAX.  Larry is checking for confirmation, and will let us know if he finds any.  In the meanwhile, treat this report with caution.

Larry Lambert informs us that the US armed forces are destroying blood donated by vaccinated service members, because it's been found to produce side effects in those receiving it by transfusion.

They say empirical evidence proves beyond all doubt that although donors might not present vaccine-related side effects, recipients of tainted plasma have had adverse reactions, including sudden death, to contaminated blood. Case in point: Staff Sgt. William Wright, a healthy 36-year-old male stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, was wounded during a training exercise to the point of needing a transfusion. Wright was not vaccinated; he had been fighting an arduous battle to obtain a religious exemption. He was unconscious at the time and therefore couldn’t ask whether the plasma entering his veins had been siphoned from a vaccinated person. Unbeknownst to Wright, the donor had been double-vaxxed and boosted. He seemed to recover—his vitals were normal and he was eating solid food—but remained under observation at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center-Fort Bliss, and had enough strength to ask whether he’d been given vaccinated blood. When told he had, he protested. Two days later Wright, still at the hospital, died suddenly—a major heart attack. A postmortem examination found an 11” blood clot in an artery in his lungs.

“When an unvaccinated patient receives vaccinated plasma, well, statistics don’t lie. What we’ve witnessed is an astronomically large number of troops present everything from mild and temporary to severe and lasting side effects, and, in some cases, death. I’m personally aware of 12 men that needed a transfusion and vehemently objected to getting vaccinated plasma. They were told they were government property and had no right to refuse it,” a physician at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, told Real Raw News.

On Thursday, the senior leadership at Womack Army Medical Center reached a consensus to incinerate and destroy its stockpile of vaccine-contaminated blood—approximately 500 liters of refrigerated plasma and whole blood that hadn’t yet been spun in a centrifuge. News of the heroic act spread rapidly among the White Hat community, and within hours other military bases began torching polluted blood. Fort Meade, home to U.S. Cyber Command, destroyed its supply, as did Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Benning, both in Georgia. All told, 23 installations obliterated toxic blood.

There's more at the link.

I haven't seen any other reports about this in the mainstream media, but then, given their overall mendacity and political extremism, one wouldn't expect to, would one?

If any reader can shed more light on this, I'll be grateful if you'll please leave a note in Comments.  Thanks!



Aesop said...

The link tracks back to a satire website. Looks like fake news.

Aesop said...

No official or bona fide sources, no links from this article:

Smells like rose fertilizer.
Lambert appears to have bought it.
And now you too.
I'd pull the post.

If anyone finds a legit source, I'd like to hear of it.
Confirmation bias suggests it might be true, but actual evidence IRL is unicorn tracks and Bigfoot hairs left by the Easter Bunny.

Aaron C. de Bruyn said...

I was going to say the same thing. No sources, no citations, no evidence. Just name-dropping soldiers and bases.

Murder Kitten said...

I haven't heard anything like this in terms of donated blood. I am not even sure there's a way to screen for it, honestly.

Mind your own business said...

Your link now has this ...

The story originally posted here would appear to be a hoax. I’m still trying to source it and if I can validate it, I’ll put it back.

Charlie said...

Fake news or not, tainted blood is one of my wife and I's biggest concerns these days.

We ave managed to remain purebloods up to now. Our concern is a tragic accident requiring blood.

Andrew Smith said...

Looking at other stories on Real Raw News ... the whole site seems to be filled with fantastic stuff that is ever so highly improbable.

chipmunk said...

The Red Cross has stated that it does not take note of whether or not donated blood is from a "vaccinated" person or not. It does seem that the military would have records of whether or not a person donating has been vaccinated, if they keep their own supply apart from the ARC. Doubtful that they have much that is not tainted, even if they do have their own supply, given that they forced everyone to get the jab or be kicked out.

KurtP said...

This doesn't meet the smell test on the surface- in addition to all the other comments.

WHY would the .MIL be forcing every member to get the vaxx and then just turn around and say "oops, our bad. Lets destroy blood that the Red Cross is begging for."
....Without any input from Higher.

Aesop said...

The only William Wright at Ft. Bragg who comes up in a Google search was a master sergeant who killed his wife, and then himself, while in custody for the crime, in 2002.

The OP is just the internet apeing the Weekly World News.

I submit it needs no assistance in that mission, and one should pass upwind of the effort.

Anonymous said...

The tell was "white hats".

Anonymous said...

Hoax now but unvaccinated blood supplies is coming to a refrigerator near you.

Unknown said...

One thing for sure, this is what they should do.

0007 said...

Interesting for (apparently) fake story. My wife(who was a red cross five gallon donor - very rare blood type) came back from being overseas with me. She went to donate blood again, but when she told them she had been overseas she was told they could no longer take her blood.