Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday morning music


This morning I tip my hat to Francis Porretto of "Liberty's Torch".  Last year he posted a music video from the British folk group "Tranquility", of whom I'd not heard before.  I liked it, so I thought I'd share it with you this morning, as well as a couple of other tracks.

The group only published two albums before disappearing into history, neither of which was a major seller.  That's a pity, I think, because their style was very similar to other groups of the period like Magna Carta or Fairport Convention, both of which were rather more successful.  All the tracks I've selected come from their first album, "Tranquility", about which you can read more here.

I'll start with the track Francis Porretto selected, "Oyster Catcher".

Here's "Try Again".

And finally, their track "Lady of the Lake".

You can hear all of the tracks on that album at this YouTube topic page;  and those from their second album, "Silver" (reviewed here), may be found at this page.  I enjoyed most of them.



Anonymous said...

I saw this Wednesday and all of the videos have been made unavailable. (Guess they didn't like your other content!) I would assume they really don't want a larger audience, if they are willing to do that just because they don't like your writing.

The full album was still available (using search function). So I DL'd it to listen to later.

I like your writing, though and have most of your books.

Peter said...

The videos are still playing for me, here and on YouTube. Maybe there's some other reason you can't access them?