Thursday, March 21, 2024

About those calls for a ceasefire in Gaza...


... if the people of Gaza have learned nothing from hostilities so far, why should those hostilities be suspended?

The tweet refers to this poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

As PJMedia asks:  "Have Gazans Learned Nothing?"

The disparity between the first two numbers is wide enough to sail a battleship through. "We didn't rape anybody to death or take any children hostage, but those Jews sure were asking for it!"

And 59% want Hamas to run the Gaza Strip after the war is over? That's like more than half of Germany, in the weeks before the Nazi surrender, looking at the rubble that was once a great country and concluding that Hitler deserved a second chance. Or the people of Japan in August of 1945 deciding that just riding out the nuclear destruction wouldn't be too bad.

. . .

Israel, it turned out, was far too lenient in its treatment of Gaza since abandoning the strip almost 20 years ago. Allowing aid to pour in, cities to be built, making medical care and jobs available in Israel for those who wanted them... all that kindness brought was an even greater determination among the people of Gaza to murder more Jews.

There's more at the link.

All I can say is, if that poll is correct and those are the feelings and wishes of most residents of Gaza, they're asking for all they're getting, and then some.  It's impossible - indeed, I suggest it's immoral - to ask Israel to back down from its hardline stance and halt its military operations when Gazans themselves continue to justify both by their intransigence.



Texas Dan said...

Evil cannot be negotiated with, it cannot ever be sated. It has to be destroyed. In the vernacular, Israel better understand they have to go Old Testament on Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

O/T and FYI

Fred said...

At this point, I could care less about either group, neither of which seem to like anything about us other than our financial and material support. Things are looking extremely dire in America, my ability to care about any other nation has gone to zero.

Javahead said...

If I recall correctly, the US insisted on an unconditional surrender from Japan to end hostilities.

Why is this regarded as unacceptable for Israel to demand from Hamas?

And given that, supposedly, 70% of Gazans still support Hamas, why should the outside world have any concerns about their living conditions or treatment?

Javahead said...

In response to Fred's "I could care less":

The problem is that Hamas's supporters have become entrenched within the Democrat party. They support the Democrat's excesses, and the Democrats in turn do everything in their power to appease their supporters.

I support Israel in this war. But even if I didn't care about Israel, doing everything I can to oppose their supporters *here* seems like a good idea.

Unknown said...


Why do you say that Israel "doesn't like anything about us"

I have seen nothing to indicate that they are anti-US, or anti-Democracy, or in any way anti-anything the US has stood for historically.

The dispute over their Supreme Court is pitched as being anti-Democracy, but the current situation that the government is trying to change is that new Justices are selected by the existing Justices with no input from anyone who is voted into office. The proposal to change this may not be the right one, but at least it's being put forward by a government voted in by the people.

David Lang

1chota said...

people getting all excited. Read the book of Joshua. He smote them hip and thigh! At God's command.

Zaphod said...

Perhaps you bloodthirsty old boomers should take a good look at some Twitter feeds and see the stuff your YouDamnWellKnowWho owned and fully controlled media don't show you because it doesn't suit them for you to know just how 'humane' the IDF really is.

How many burned, mangled, eviscerated, dead children and babies do you need to see before you get it into your stubborn skulls that it takes two to tango?

The Israelis kill them in their homes, in the streets, their snipers shoot them when they're trying to collect food which is in very short supply... and about a fortnight ago they shot up a food distribution gathering with tank rounds.

No doubt the Palestinians have some very unpleasant and aggro people amongst them. But as I said, it takes two to tango and the blood on both sides goes a LONG way back and just saying that the Palis are 'asking for it' is just plain wrong.

I know it's difficult to accept that one has been wrong about anything... But this idea that it's all sweetness and light on one side and barbarism on the other and that Israel is in any way a 'friend' (it its to laugh) of the USA has got to go.

Peter said...

@Zaphod: I don't disagree with you. You're entirely correct that neither side in the Israel-Hamas conflict has clean hands... but that doesn't alter the grim fact that the conflict will continue, because there is no other choice given the circumstances.

I wrote about this at greater length last October:

I won't repeat here what I said there, but I hope you'll click over to that earlier article and read it. If you can counter that with other arguments, I'll be the first to listen respectfully. However, I honestly don't see any alternative. This fight will have to be won and lost on the ground before anything else can be tried, because neither side will have it any other way.

Unknown said...

@Zaphod, I disagree with your statement that it takes two to fight.

It only takes one to start a fight or a war. The other side can either fight back, or surrender (and when the side that starts the fight is calling for your eradication, surrender means death)

October 6 there was a cease fire in place, Israel had not been in Gaza for 20 years, and when they left they even dug up their graveyards to move the bodies. The people in Gaza then demolished the greenhouses that could have grown food because they had been owned by Israelis before they left (after there was significant money/effort put into preventing the Israelis from demolishing them before they left)

As Dennis Prager says, if the Palestinians were to lay down their arms, there would be peace. If Israel were to lay down their arms, there would be peace as well, the peace of the grave after all the jews were killed.

The two sides are NOT the same.

lynn said...

"The Army—Yes, the Army—Is Sailing a Fleet to Build a Port Off Gaza"

"A fleet of Army ships from the 7th Transportation Brigade will establish a pier off the coast of Gaza, allowing ships to send food, medical supplies, and other aid to civilians living in the embattled area. As unusual as it sounds, the U.S. Army has ships and mariners prepared to facilitate the flow of equipment and supplies from ships to shore. The capability is meant to allow U.S. tanks and armored vehicles to come ashore where there are no ports."

"The distance from Virginia to Gaza is approximately 6,000 miles, and the Army ships are not exactly fast, with a maximum average speed of about 12 knots. It will take about 25 days for the flotilla to reach Gaza."

Unknown said...

Any bets on the US troops being shot at by Hamas?

Biden forgets that they hate the US as well.

David Lang

Michael said...

Soon enough perhaps WE will be the Gazans fighting to water the Tree of Liberty.

And like Aesop's recent article our cities will look like Gaza and as we use far more flammable wood instead of middle east concrete smoke and fire.

I bet our Leftist "Better" also think about Deplorables like we describe the Gaza-Hamas folks.

Check your 6, it's coming soon to a city and town near you.

Dan said...

Those are numbers for Palisimians and for Gaza. I assure you the rest of the Islamic world feels the same...or worse...about the rest of us.