Monday, March 4, 2024

Get out of big blue cities, reason # 2,476


Please take three minutes of your time to listen to this lady describe the impact of pro-migrant policies on the city of Denver, Colorado, and on her life.  It's mind-boggling.  Then realize that precisely the same impact is being and will be experienced in every single left-wing-controlled city in this country, unless and until the voters lose patience and put a stop to it.

This is happening TODAY.  What will it be like tomorrow?

As I've said so often before, along with many others who have eyes to see and ears to hear:  GET OUT OF BIG BLUE CITIES.  NOW.

Robert Heinlein's "Crazy Years" are already here, with just a few details differing from his vision.



Anonymous said...

Les Carpenter said...

The orange hued human orangutan has proven he is unqualified, incapable, and too narcissistic and stupid to be president.

On the other hand Presiden Biden is fully qualified, fully capable, cares about ALL people and the United States of America, and best of all, he ain't no crimminal.

And Your bull and babbling is getting very old. But hey, it's your thing. I get it. Youse a scared whittle man of privilege worrying about losing it all. The world is changing and you're strugging to keep up.

Whisky Priest said...

Sometimes I can't tell if a commenter is a bot or just an NPC wandering in a haze of self-satisfied ignorance.

Strange times.

Gerry said...

Denver and Salt Lake City have been in decline for many years, even before the present influx of illegals. Denver especially has been a haven for young druggies do to the lack of drug enforcement and the crime the policy allows generates.

Sue in Oregon said...

In my small Oregon town of less than 20,000 the government has financed migrant and low income ‘worker’apartments. It is so successful that it is now being doubled in size. We have a 40 bed hospital, 3 elementary schools and 1 each middle and high school. Our tax supported services are stretched to the breaking point and we are being asked to pay for more. I work at a church supported food bank and must rely on Google Translate to communicate with those seeking food. Our senior citizens who are much like the lady talking to (?) leaders of her city are much like the seniors who also come to us for food. People who have worked hard all their lives are now competing with those who have entered our country illegally and are reaping benefits that they never contributed into and asking for more. So it is not just the big Blue Cities……’s the Blue States! If you don’t have enough money to buy food where will you get the money to move?

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

Heinlein was an optimist.

Anonymous said...

The problem with them is that moving is so expensive that most of the older people just retiring can't afford the thousands of dollars it cost along with leaving their entire life behind. It becomes insurmountable. Plus would you want an influx of 20K people showing up in your town. We have a population of 10K and frankly we would have no where to put them.

Anonymous said...

40,000 x $1,000 equates to $40 million in expenditures, not $480 million.

It's not fair either way, but accounting errors greater than an order of magnitude do not help make a case.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. Just saw the calculation was for annual expenditure. She's right.

Bailey said...

One aspect of why these things are so difficult for folks to get sorted in their heads, is that the things they are seeing run diametrically opposite of what they were promised.
What they paid for.
What they paid into.
What they expected.
It is very hard to realign a lifetime of expectation and assumption in a few short years. The learning curves are steep. They are going vertical. This will not stop.

You can delete this if you wish, but that first commenter (Les, I think) is a demonstrable idiot. Same planet, but entirely different worlds.
Mike in Canada

Anonymous said...

Hey, bot; care to comment on the choice Denver is making between paying for their American needy and the ones your paymasters are importing against American laws from the third world nations?
John in Indy

John V said...

I wonder if there is any small town in the nation that will be able to avoid this problem over the next 20-30 years. If there is, we would move there. Our small town has been OK so far, but it's coming to us soon I'm sure.

tsquared said...

I moved from metro Atlanta to a small town in south east Georgia. Farming is the biggest industry here.

BTW: Les is the moron