Sunday, March 31, 2024

Sunday morning music


I'm sure just about all of my readers are familiar with Charlie Daniels' 1979 mega-hit in country music, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".

In the 45 years since its first release, the song has maintained its popularity.  It's also inspired a number of parody versions, some of which are sort-of, but others of which are very funny, particularly if one's familiar with the place and/or people and/or culture being mocked.

Johnny Cash and friends performed a follow-up titled "The Devil Came Back To Georgia".

Here's a twofer:  Travis Meyer's "The Devil Went Down To Jamaica", performed by The Muppets.  Sadly, the video can't be embedded here, but click on the "Watch on YouTube" link below and you'll be able to enjoy it.

KMC Kru did this DJ-ish/rap-ish version titled "The Devil Came Up To Michigan".

The Adam Ezra group countered with "The Devil Came Up To Boston", complete with the correct accent.  LANGUAGE ALERT:  There's a fair amount of profanity in the song (just as there is in Boston!).

And finally for this morning, it seems the song has hit the Star Wars universe as well.  Here's "The Jedi Went Down To Tattooine".

There are a few parodies of the song out there, if you look for them.  I daresay the late Charlie Daniels might be waiting at the Pearly Gates for when their composers and/or performers get there, tapping a hickory stick in his hand and muttering "That's not what my song was about!"



Anonymous said...

There is a version done by the band Primus that is not a parody but simply Primus. Three virtuoso rock musicians who are uniquely weird. They even did a high end video of it. Sure it's on YT.

John T. Block said...

I miss Mr. Daniels, an epic performer and a Patriot, to boot. His tune "Simple Man" has fit my mood greatly in the past 5-10 years....

Dirty Dingus McGee said...

The first video, The Devil Comes Back To Georgia, has a worthy fiddle player, Mark O'Conner. Probably one of the most unknown of the better fiddlers around.

Tregonsee said...

Well with respect to the Devil Came up to Boston, as a resident of the North Shore of Massachusetts I can neither confirm nor deny that the denizens of Revere and its environs do talk like that. Mostly because if I did use language like that my Mother would rise from her grave and beat me within an inch of my life and my Grandmother would likewise rise and clean my mouth out with soap before finishing the job. That said my wife and cats are now wondering what was so frickin' funny, and I didn't say frickin' ... Thank you for that bit of joy :-) .