Tuesday, March 5, 2024

This does not increase my confidence in the health care system...


Considering the consequences of hasty deployment of the COVID-19 vaccines, this report doesn't fill me with confidence.

Investigative reporter Jefferey Jaxen brought to light an alarming reality on The Highwire Thursday: the ability to “vaccinate” the entire world without injecting large amounts of the population is upon us.

What we’re referring to is self-spreading vaccines, a technology that was almost ready to be deployed for the coronavirus pandemic — but ultimately passed on for mRNA injections instead.

. . .

The only thing stopping the mass use of this technology is this pesky thing known as informed consent. But the reality is, as evidenced by the COVID era, informed consent is not what it used to be.

The whole idea behind self-spreading vaccines is largely grounded in circumventing informed consent from individuals, or what scientists like to refer to as “behavioral barriers” or “vaccine delay.”

. . .

The U.S. military and DARPA have also been researching self-spreading vaccines, with DARPA exploring antivirals to “evolve” in real-time against new viral strains.

However, if a self-spreading vaccine mutates in an unforeseen way, it could potentially pose grave risks for the entire population.

Attorney Aaron Siri issued a statement on the matter.

“With this product, the whole idea is they release it to basically one person, and it spreads to every single person on the globe. So if they mess it up one time, just once, just once,” he emphasized, “they can mess up the entire world.”

“What might even be the biggest victim ... if they ever release this thing, it’s going to be civil, individual rights... Here, they’re going to release a product where you’re going to have no choice effectively but to take it. That is the ultimate crushing of individual and civil rights.”

There's more at the link.

A quick Internet search for "self spreading vaccines" reveals that there's been a lot of effort put into this since 2022, building on more limited research for a couple of decades prior to that.  Therefore, although the subject is almost ignored by the mainstream media, I'm forced to conclude that the report is probably accurate.

Unfortunately, given the enormous increase in vaccine-related complications, injuries and health issues that have arisen after vaccination for COVID-19, I have no confidence at all that these self spreading vaccines will be any better tested and controlled, and will inflict any fewer negative consequences on most or all of us.  After all, if they don't bother to tell us that the vaccine is spreading itself, how will we know what to look out for?  And how will we know what caused them?  It's like a "get out of jail free" card for vaccine developers and manufacturers - and for the health care system(s) that will take advantage of this technology, whether their customers want it or not.

Welcome to the Brave New World, where your medical masters decide on your behalf what medications, vaccines and other substances you need, and administer them without so much as a "by your leave".  How does it feel to be just another digit in the health care system?



Xoph said...

In nuclear power significant amounts of effort are put into preventing very rare but very significant accidents.

Self spreading vaccine, what if there are adverse affects? Seriously, one small error with these things puts the entire human race in danger and this seems like a good idea? This is absurd and a display of hubris.

Anonymous said...

So…release something into the world to infect everyone, and call it good because “it’s a vaccine”?

Michael said...

Don't toss the baby out with the bathwater Peter.

When DARPA, the US Military (almost the same in this case) and THE PARTY of Orville's 1984 come together the Medical System is just the fake baby the robber is using for distraction-BLAME bait.

Too many hang them high folks are verbally gunning for ALL Medical sorts that may or may not have given the "Kill Shot" as COVID 19 "Vaccine" has been named.

A fair bit of the medical system did not give the vaxx shots even before we started wondering if they were a problem, (Hindsight is WONDERFUL for Armchair Quarterbacks). A fair bit of us took leave of our employment as to protest the FORCED get the vaxx or be fired.

Pretty soon the system discovered they NEEDED those refusers more than the refusers needed them. Even now after they made "arrangements" for my unvaxxed self to work again I will NOT do more than part time.

You might want to review medical history about Death in Childbirth before modern OB system. The only reason the current Midwives crew do so well COMPARED to History is they RUSH THE PROBLEM BIRTH TO THE Emergency Room.

Pre-Modern OB/GYN the older graveyards are full of family graves of a Husband and more than a few wives with "died in childbirth" on their stones.

Anonymous said...

I got a strong vibe of BS re Covid 'vaccine' from the 1st one that came up, Pfizer. Had to be kept at -70C, and I know very well that is very hard to do that in real world. I bet that most of Pfizer was expired/useless goo.
Another alarm system: I remember how 2nd day, a few people had strong reaction (but news said: no biggie, they're alive) and Pfizer said: oh we forgot, people with strong allergic reaction should not have it.
Shortly, it was a clown show, not a serious project development and implementation.

Anonymous said...

What we’re referring to is self-spreading vaccines. Isn't that a euphemism for the spread of disease?

Given the side-effects of the COVID-19 shot, why would the elites want to have a self-spreading disease, unless the objective was to fulfill one of the objectives of the Globalists. I'm referring to reducing the population of the earth, because the earth "has too many people."


Merlin said...

So, none of these people have EVER watched ANY kind of Zombie movie, I assume.

Anonymous said...

"Self-spreading vaccines" already exist in nature. They are called "diseases." If they do this, due to natural selection, the "vaccine" will mutate to do whatever causes it to more successfully infect hosts and reproduce (consequences to the host be damned). This has to be the stupidest idea in the history of stupid ideas.

Anonymous said...

There was a really bad episode of Star Trek Next Gen with just this idiotic idea, with predictable results. There it was done in space so only killed off the space station crew...

Scott said...

My first thought was that it was unlikely to happen because it circumvents big pharma (and politically connected investor) profit - there's no mechanism to charge for every person "innoculated." [dons tinfoil hat] But isn't that just step one of what we already just experienced? Create in a lab a wildly self-spreading viral *something*... THEN you can offer and charge for every person who gets the "correction."

RCPete said...

Hmm, the same medical center that was pushing the COVID-clotshot won't let me get an MRI because I can't prove that an implant in my middle ear is nonmagnetic. According to my research, there was a screwup some years before I had the procedure (in '91) and about 200 magnetic implants were unaccounted for in a recall. Said recall in '87, but the last known use was in '89. Go figure that one.

TPTB want the full info on the implant, not given at the time, and the paper records would be 33 years old. Effectively no chance to find them, though the chance of getting one of the bad implants would be about the same as the chance of finding the documentation.

Still, in this case, they'd be exposed to liability. Not like the CDC/FDA would cover like for the clotshots. #headdesk

Mind your own business said...

Michael @6:18 AM

Your point is undermined by how few medical professionals stood up and protested. The vast majority just showed how cowardly and unprincipled they really were. Or just blindly stupid and reliant on authority to tell them what to say.

I suspect the practice of medicine and particularly the training in medical schools, like many other once rigorous programs, is not what it once was. It rewards groupthink, not intelligence.

Mordineus said...

What in the world is a "self spreading vaccine" ? That sounds suspiciously like "Genetically Engineered Virus that we think will have beneficial effects".

Anonymous said...

So, what is the mechanism of self spreading? Does one person get the vaccine shot and then his breath infects others? How does it transfer?

Retired Cop

JG said...

When COVID came I am an Electrical Engineer and looked at it along with my wife, who has more background with meds. We found on the internet doctors reporting that HQC + Ivermectin + Zinc would clear this but all such doctors were pulled from the internet within a week. We found it abnormal.

Then I looked at what was required for making a vaccine. Normal time was 5 years from start to public release. Under Nuremberg Law that all countries had signed to they could not release an untested vaccine on the public. The "vaccine" they released was an Emergency Drug (since listing as a vaccine would be illegal) in just over a year and pushed by media, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, corporations, and government.

Me and my wife never too the COVID vaccine. I suggested to many of my friend and family not to do it. My youngest son did not but my oldest did as he said he would loose he job. My youngest was in a corporation that could not be forced out. Both were out on their own.

Anonymous said...

Will John Ringo sue DARPA for plagiarism?
...stencil, who don' do no Google

Gerry said...

What ever happened to " Do no harm"?

Asking for a friend.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your daughter's or granddaughters childbirth after the hang them high folks get done.

If you had praised those that Did stand up,you'd have reason to expect honorable medical support.

I recall the same sort of folks decided that cats were the evil of the Bubonic Plague and killed them off. Thus the REAL reason of fleas on rats went crazy,killing off a massive number of people.


Anonymous said...

> self-spreading vaccine

You misspelled "bioweapon".

Dan said...

"Informed Consent" means absolutely nothing to the criminals in power. They have and obey only one rule. WIN! By whatever methods required.

Will said...

Most of you seem not to know that Fauci tried to patent the Vaxx back in -06-. It was refused. All the "side effects" had been known for more than a DECADE prior to it's miraculous near instant "creation" for the WuFlu release.
It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that the many deaths resulting from the vaxx and boosters is intentional, since that knowledge was not a secret. Not many questioned anything regarding the vaxx, either the medical establishment nor the citizenry of any of the world's nations. Who to blame?

I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to consider making up a list of anyone working on that self-spreading vaxx, and start asking people if they should turn it into a hit list. In a vast world of idiotic ideas, I think this tops everything. Maybe SpaceX could send them all to Mars as the first attempt at a colony? One way trip, of course!

The Wraith said...

Nothing more need be said.

All these folks hollering about "they can't do that because law and treaty and reasons" have NO CLUE what they're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Do you want a T-virus? Because, this is how you get a T-virus.


KurtP said...

In case you all forgot- In Serenity, the .GOV created the reavers by "helping" the planet via airborne meds.