Saturday, December 18, 2010

The best of Sign Language for 2010

The Telegraph newspaper (and its Web site) in England run a weekly article called 'Sign Language', which collects photographs of weird, wonderful and wacky signs around the world. I've mentioned them here before.

As part of their wrap-up of the past year, the paper has just published a 'Best Of Sign Language 2010' collection. Here are a few to whet your appetite.

This bilingual sign was spotted in France. In French, 'pain' (pronounced 'pan') means
'bread'; but in the context of the other English words, it's definitely a double entendre!

If anyone can figure out what the last prohibition means,
would you please let the rest of us know in 'Comments'?

There are plenty more at the link, some of them way out there indeed! Good for a laugh.



Will Brown said...

Last verboten panel = "Don't Kung Fu the mirrors".


Joe said...

I'm sure the last one is for people not to take a dump in the urinal.

Tamara Kelly said...

Don't piss into the toilet like a dog?

Mikael said...

Btw, the last photo is from sweden, it says speed control(fart is the swedish word for speed, strange as it may seem).

WV: apati
As in, due to apati, I can't be bothered to spell all my words correctly.

George said...

If you liked these, you may also enjoy:

part of the lolcats complex of humor.

Keep Warm!

wv: uncens (no f*^&#$g way)

Old NFO said...

I "think" that is to prohibit women from trying to use the urinal...

DaddyBear said...

I used to get a chuckle from the "Caution, Children at Play" signs along the Ring Road freeway around Moscow.