Monday, December 27, 2010

Credit-card-sized tools

I saw Iain Sinclair's credit-card-sized CardSharp knife mentioned on Gizmodo recently.

It's described as follows:

CardSharp [is] a superlight and supersharp utility knife, the same size as a credit card.

Just three ingenious folding operations metamorphosise the card into an elegant pocket utility tool. Slimmer and lighter than an ordinary knife.

The extra long stainless steel surgical blade ensures longer lasting rust free sharpness. The built-in protective sheath helps prevent injury or blunting.

There's more at the link. Here's a video clip showing the blade being deployed.

The CardSharp isn't the only credit-card-sized tool developed by Iain Sinclair. They also have a flashlight;

a HD camera;

and a 3D camera.

There's more information on all of them at the link.

I appreciate the ingenuity that went into these products. No, they aren't paying me to mention them, and I don't get any free products out of this article; I just like neat, nifty designs when I see them.



suz said...

Somebody tell the TSA.

Noons said...

This is the same company that designed the first true pocket scientific calculator, the Sinclair Scientific - that helped me through engineering in uni and still works to this day?
Man! Lots of memories. They used to make the most incredible devices and gadgets.

LL said...

Very cool!!

If only they made them in titanium.

Bob@thenest said...

Yeah, now TSA will have us remove our wallets and put all the credit cards in a bin. Then they'll bend and twist them until they break just to prove thay aren't that one. If they try to bend and twist my molded, unbreakable walking stick (and self defense tool from Cold Steel) any more than they do, they may well achieve the impossible.

Julie said...

i like ....