Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Talk about a food obsession!

Via TJIC, we learn of Jeff Varasano's quest for the perfect New York-style pizza.

Pizza is the most sensuous of foods. I get emails from around the world and one of the most common goes something like this: "Jeff, I had this one perfect pizza at a corner shop in Brooklyn in 1972 and I've been thinking about it ever since." I love that! That's passion. Do you know how many forgettable meals have come and gone since then? What kind of pizza leaves a 35 year impression? Let me describe it to you. The crust is slightly charred. It has a crisp outer layer, but inside it's airy and light. The ingredients are not piled high, but instead are perfectly balanced. It's sweet, salty, full flavored but not greasy. The tomatoes burst with flavor. Each bite makes you hungrier for the next. If this is what you want, you've come to the right place.

This pizza is modeled after Patsy's on 117th street in NYC. I have been working on this for SIX years, but FINALLY I can report that I have achieved my goal. Many people have tried my pie and swear it is not only the best pizza they've ever had, but a clone of the original Patsy's recipe. This margarita pie is incredibly light and perfectly charred. It took just 2 minutes and 10 seconds to bake at 825° F.

There's much more at the link about Mr. Varasano's experiments, recipes and results. They're enough to set me drooling! Recommended for foodies everywhere.

(Speaking of TJIC, I've just added him to the list of blogs I read frequently. He's an interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking blogger. Recommended.)



suz said...

I'd never knock New York Style pizza, but I had a similar experience in Chicago. 1982. Gino's on Rush. Deep dish pizza. How could the crust remain crispy under juicy tomatoes? It was the BEST pizza I have EVER eaten!! I bow to his dedication.

Randy said...

Frankly, that pizza looks disgusting. And why would you want burned crust? None for me, thanks.