Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which airline is this?

A reader sent me the following picture:

She asked whether I knew which airline had painted their aircraft in this fashion, as she liked the sense of humor thus displayed. I do too, but I've no idea who's involved. Do any of my readers know? If so, please tell us in Comments, as well as when and where this picture might have been taken.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Rich said...

It's Ryanair.

Here's a board page from snopes:;f=60;t=001143;p=0

Tamara Kelly said...

This is not one of ours but in Australia the old TAA and Qantas airlines have all done similar things. I KNOW I have seen Santa smacked on a nosecone at the airport which was very close to my home in Coolangatta.

Anonymous said...

Rich took a better route to finding it than I did--or perhaps knew already?--but I thought I'd point you to the great resource that is TinEye Reverse Image Search. You give them an image URL (or upload an image), and it tells you where else that image is located. It can help with copyright issues, or (in a case such as this) finding additional pages containing that image, in order to find more information about it!