Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've heard of courageous citizens fighting off criminals with guns, knives, clubs, or almost any other weapon imaginable . . . but with a feather duster???

According to Boston's Channel 7 News, two men walked into a Waltham convenience store, one clad in black and armed with a machete, the other claiming to have a gun. The knife-wielding thug slammed his blade down on the counter and demanded money; but the clerk on duty, one Jackie Patel, grabbed a feather duster and fended him off while dialing 911. The two wannabe crooks were so unnerved by the clerk's actions that they fled empty-handed.

That took a lot of guts. Well done to Mr. Patel. However, if I should ever find myself in a similar situation, I trust he'll forgive me if I forgo the feather duster in favor of a heavy-caliber handgun!



Neutrino Cannon said...

pic-rail mounted feather duster accessory on the pistol?

Moshe Ben-David said...

Shalom, Peter

I hope you feel better soon.

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