Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Calling my Michigan readers

Courtesy of a link at DaddyBear's place, we learn of a grave injustice perpetrated against a Detroit municipal worker.  Fox 2 Detroit reports:

Hidden in weeds in Detroit's Brightmoor area, Chevilott and his Wayne County crew discovered a loaded, snubnosed revolver as they were mowing the lawn mid-morning on May 3.

"It was damaged, so it could've went off. Surprisingly, it didn't kill the guy on the mower," Chevilott explained. "It got picked up, so we put [it] in the van, waited [for] police to drive by."

However, Detroit police never did drive by, so Chevilott finished his work day, drove the gun home and later that same evening turned it into his local police department in Garden City.

He says the cops ran the gun and discovered the weapon had been stolen from St. Clair Shores in 2005.

"They said I did the right thing getting it off the street."

However, Chevilott's superiors at the Department of Public Services had a much different opinion. His foreman, who had knowledge of the situation, was suspended for 30 days, and after 23 years on the job, Chevilott was fired for violating department policies.

According to a Wayne County spokeswoman and the rules, employees aren't allowed to possess a weapon on work property.

Chevilott says he didn't bring a weapon to work. He found it on the job.

. . .

The union has filed a grievance. Chevilott does want to get his job back. He was just two years shy of retirement.

There's more at the link.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous!  I'd like to ask my readers in Michigan to please contact the authorities at local and State level, to urge that this administrative abomination be reversed.  Mr. Chevilott deserves congratulations rather than condemnation!

Bureaucrats! Grrr!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You just can't fix stupid. The people who made this decision to discipline these men are are a special window licking kind of stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think it was an excuse to terminate the gent before he could retire with benefits, but then I'm getting rather bitter these days.


DaddyBear said...

Peter, this one made my blood boil too. Like I said, things like this will make someone stop doing the right thing and do something that's less good for all of us. Hopefully this decision is reversed.

DanG said...

Not only should they give him his job back, they should fire the bureaucrat that fired him.