Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A parade float that says it all!

I received these photographs via e-mail.  They apparently show a float from a recent parade in Bessemer, Michigan.  The e-mail notes:

Bessemer, Michigan is a small community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, located near Ironwood and Wakefield, Michigan and Hurley, Wisconsin.  For those who don't recognize it, the trailer behind the tractor is a manure spreader.

I guess at least some people in Bessemer don't like what the current POTUS has done for their economy - and I'm willing to bet that float will prove prophetic if President Obama wins a second term!  The phrase 'economically illiterate' seems tailor-made for this Administration . . .



Toejam said...

1) Politically incorrect to "moderate" Liberals.

2) Racist to Militant Liberals.

3) Down right hilarious to us Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

We usually try to make the Bessemer parade, and now I'm REALLY sorry we didn't make it this year!

Anonymous said...

Is that a manure spreader? Jus askin

Fly To Your Dreams said...

The POTUS showed up in my neck of the woods (Seattle) yesterday. To get from the airfield where Air Force One landed to fundraising site #1 required shutting down the major artery through Seattle (Interstate 5) and one of the two bridges linking the Eastside where Bellevue, Redmond and a little company called Microsoft are located with Seattle.

This, of course, happened during rush hour (5:30 - 7pm) and caused an absolute traffic nightmare as all the cars that normally travel on the major interstates had to be re-routed to surface streets.

Then this morning, they did it again, in reverse, during morning rush hour, to get President Unicorn back to Air Force One so he could jet off to the next fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

Must be photoshopped. Too exposed for the post JFK world.