Monday, July 9, 2012

An amazing automotive auction

At the end of last month, Bonhams auctioneers in England brokered the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction.  It shattered several records.  The top lots (in terms of the prices they realized) are shown below.  Click each image to be taken to its page in the Bonhams auction catalog, with many more details about it.

1.  A 1908 Itala Grand Prix car, which sold for £1,737,500 (about US $2.7 million):

2.  A 1912 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp (later known as the 'Silver Ghost' model).  This particular example is known as 'The Corgi', and sold for £4,705,500 (about US $7.3 million):

3.  A 1929-31 Bentley 4½-Litre Supercharged 'Blower' model, which sold for £5,041,500 (about US $7.82 million):

4.  And last but not least, a 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 Spyder Lungo, the same type that won the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race, which sold for £2,689,500 (about US $4.2 million):

Very expensive toys for very rich boys, aren't they?


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Old NFO said...

That they are, and most of them are 'onesies'... They are the ONLY ones left!